Two tugboats collide in Maine, US, one sinks

One of the two crewmen onboard the 40-foot tugboat Helen Louise alerted the USCG watchstanders that their vessel collided with the 80-foot tugboat Capt Mackintire while they had it in tow. The Capt Mackintire had no crew aboard.

Three die after tug boat explodes in Kentucky

Three people died and several others sustained major injuries, after a tug boat exploded on the Tennessee River in Kentucky, on early Friday, according to Kentucky State Police. The vessel was docked at a facility near Calvert City, to undergo repairing.

Hydrodynamic interaction forces led to collision of vessels

While making fast to Thorco Crystal, the tug Arafura Sea Delta was affected by hydrodynamic interaction forces and subsequently collided with the ship. Arafura Sea Delta was one of two tugs assigned to assist Thorco Crystal’s berthing. The tugs collided about 2 nautical miles west of Humbug Point Wharf, Weipa, Queensland.

Poor watchstanding leads to environmental damage

In October 2016, the articulated tug and barge Nathan E Stewart/DBL 55 ran aground on Edge Reef off Athlone Island, Canada, causing significant environmental damage, as 29,000 gallons of oil were released. Damage to the vessel and barge was estimated at $12 million.

Communication is vital for safe operations

In the latest issue of its Safety Digest, UK MAIB presents a collision of a tug with its towing vessel, due to wrong judgement and poor communication. The report provides a description of what happened and important lessons learned to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Poor tow line on severe weather leads to rig's grounding

On August 2016, the semi-submersible rig Transocean Winner grounded on the Isle of Lewis, following the loss of tow from the tug ALP Forward. The tug and tow was on passage from Stavanger, Norway to Valletta, Malta, when it encountered severe weather west of the Hebrides.

Two die after CMA CGM Simba’s tugboat capsizes

The tug Domingue girted and capsized while assisting the container ship CMA CGM Simba departing from the port of Tulear, Madagascar, on September 2016. As a result, two of Domingue’s five crew died. UK MAIB published an investigation report on the accident, providing significant safety issues. 

Crew member dies during routine mooring task

In order to share lessons learnt for preventing further marine casualties, the UK MAIB presents the case of fatality of a crew member onboard a tug, during routine manoeuvring, alongside an unmanned sister tug. An engineer was found lying, after he probably fell in an attempt to pass between the two tugs, before they had fully come together.

USCG saves crew from grounding tug in Alaska

USCG announced that a Coast Guard aircrew rescued five people aboard a tug, which ran aground on the Mariposa Reef, on the south side of Strait Island in Sumner Strait, Thursday 2 March. The aircrew hoisted the five people from a barge attached to “Ocean Eagle” tug and transported them to Sitka, after the vessel began taking on water the previous night.

Canada TSB issues report on tug Suringa sinking

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has issued investigation report on the sinking of tug Suringa off Sechelt, British Columbia on March 2015. Two crew members swam ashore and were later evacuated by the Canadian Coast Guard. No injuries were reported. A small quantity of diesel fuel was released from the tug after it sank, and the adrift barge was recovered by another tug.


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