Spill reported after tanker collides with barges in Houston Ship Channel

A tanker collided with a tug pushing two barges on May 10, leading to the closure of the Houston Ship Channel. According to the US Coast Guard an unknown amount of product has been spilled from the barges, with sources reporting that the amount is about 9,000 barrels. USCG added that there were no injuries.

Tug causes oil spill after sinking at pier in Alaska

On April 19th, an 81-foot tug sank at the Samson Tug and Barge Company pier and subsequently slid approximately 200 yards along an underwater ledge, in Sitka. Some residual diesel fuel and oil is leaking from the sunken vessel, according to USCG.

USCG authorizes transit plan for damaged tug

US Coast Guard approved a transit plan for the tug Samson Mariner to head south for repairs in Seattle with an escort tug and both departed Ketchikan on 22 February. The vessel ran aground on 15 February and released approximately 1,100 gallons of fuel in the vicinity of Rosa Reef in north Tongass Narrows, Alaska.

USCG responds to oil spill caused by grounding at Alaska

USCG, in partnership with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Southeast Alaska Petroleum Response Organization, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Alaska Commercial Divers continue their response to the tug boat Samson Mariner that ran aground and spilled fuel while towing a barge in the vicinity of Rosa Reef in north Tongass Narrows, Alaska.


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