Tips on conducting safe tug securing arrangements

In its 57th issue of November, CHIRP discusses of a report from a large container ship highlighting difficulties securing tugs in a specific port, presenting the challenges of the design of the tugs and safety measures that some companies do not follow.

Tug crew conducts unsafe towing operations ignoring SMS

CHIRP recently published its 57th issue focusing on tug operations, specifically on an unsafe towing practice observed aboard a harbour tug assisting a container vessel during a port manoeuvring operation, highlighting the importance of all crewmembers being fully in line with their company’s SMS.

Canada’s Pacific Coast emergency tugs are limited, report says

Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping launched the ‘Availability of Tugs of Opportunity in Canada’s Pacific Region’ research report according to which there’s a possibility that Canada’s West Coast experiences some gaps in the availability of commercial tugs to serve as emergency towing vessels for ships in distress.

New report raises concerns over fatigue of Panama Canal tugboat Captains

The ITF issued a report investigating the relationship between captains’ fatigue and the operational safety of the Panama Canal, and the relationship between fatigue and the captains’ physical and mental health, after the Panama Canal’s decision to reduce the number of tugboat crew this year.

NWA addresses skills gap to prevent further towage accidents

The National Workboat Association informed that the towage sector continues to suffer serious incidents that could be avoided, suggesting that there is no room for complacency when it comes to the further development and implementation of good practice guidelines and competence standards for port, coastal and ship-assist operations.

Canada announces changes to waiver system

The Canadian Pacific Pilotage Authority announced changes to its waiver system, primarily with regard to tugs and barges transporting petroleum cargo products, following a review of the recent Nathan E. Stewart tugboat incident in Bella Bella.

Bureau Veritas develops framework for Tugs

Bureau Veritas has developed comprehensive of Guidelines for Design, Construction and Operation of Tugs that provide harmonized and rationalized safety rules

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