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GE to equip Maersk Line’s 2nd generation Triple-E vessels

GE Marine Solution announced that it will provide Maersk Line with its new power Take Off/Power Take In (PTO/PTI) Technology which increases fuel efficiency and operational flexibility. It is a smart solution that provides excess power on demand while reducing fuel consumption. When not being used to propel the vessel, the PTO/PTI technology uses the surplus energy to power onboard systems and equipment.

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Madison Maersk at the Port of Rotterdam

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQpEmZwe5sgLast Thursday, Madison Maersk hit a record number of 17.152 TEU loaded while leaving the Port of Rotterdam.The Triple-E vessel also had a record number of 298 containers loaded at the 10th tier on deck, which was a first time ever for the port of Rotterdam.This video was made while the vessel was moored alongside APMT Maasvlakte II and got towed into the right position to start its journey!  In the origin, I was explicit with you propecia before and after has changed my subsistence. It has become much more fun, and now I have to run. Just as it is fabulous to sit.

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The Triple-E: A larger-than-life puzzle

Every day, containers are loaded to or discharged from Maersk Line vessels. Because these ships need to depart from one port and arrive at another at a specific time, careful planning is required when arranging containers on a vessel — what we call “stowing”. What happens in one port will impact what happens in the next; thus, it is important to stow a vessel properly and efficiently. A ship like the Triple-E, which can carry up to 18,000 Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) containers, makes stowage a much more exciting challenge. The stowage cycle Maersk Line stowage planners stow vessels in a “round-trip planning concept” considering all ports in the rotation from the very beginning. It is a 24-7-365 job to ensure that container ships are loaded and unloaded safely and efficiently. Stowage is planned about 12 to 24 hours before a vessel arrives at a port. The loadlist for each vessel tends to keep changing, so stowage is done quite close to its arrival. Once the loadlist is finalised, the stowage planner decides which groups of containers will be loaded onto specific bays on the vessel so that cranes in various ports in the rotation can work optimally. He/she also ...

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New world record for Maersk

Mary Maersk sails from Algeciras with 17,603 TEUs! A record has been set with a Triple-E vessel carrying the highest ever number of containers between Europe and Asia.On Monday morning, 21 July, Mary Maersk left Algeciras, Spain on its eastward journey, bound for Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia. But this was not just any voyage. On board were no less than 17,603 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU), the highest number ever loaded on a vessel.Upgraded facilities for higher utilisationThe third vessel in the Triple-E series, Mary Maersk has a nominal capacity of 18,270 TEU, but so far that capacity has not been fully utilised. One prerequisite has been preparing the terminals for the added size, explains Carlos Arias, head of the South Europe Liner Operations Cluster."Algeciras has been preparing for full utilisation of the Triple-E for more than a year," says Carlos. "This included the upgrading of four existing cranes and the arrival of four new Triple-E cranes." He adds that the port of Tanjung Pelepas has had to make similar upgrades, and this was the first occasion where both ends were ready.Having a full vessel means less cost due to higher utilisation. Carlos explains that moving more containers in one go allows ...

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