Trends affecting the global marine insurance market

In an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA, Mr. Richard Turner, President of IUMI shares, his perspectives on the key challenges impacting the marine insurance market, noting that technology is going to play a major role by changing the current landscape. Technology and digitalization can be viewed as both a risk and an opportunity, Mr. Turner adds.

Mega trends affecting shipping up to 2025

There are five global shifts reshaping the maritime world and the industry has already started innovating in order to meet them. So, what the future of shipping will look like in 2025? Which are the implications for shipowners and crew right now and in the future?

Watch: What are the top business risks for 2019

Allianz issued its Risk Barometer 2019 listing the top business risks for this year. For the 2019 edition, Allianz surveyed more than 2,415 risk experts from 86 countries about the perils that worry them most. The survey identified cyber, neck-and-neck with business interruption, at the top of the Allianz Risk Barometer for the first time.

9 cruise trends we will see in 2019

While cruise ships constitute less than 1% of the commercial vessels globally, the significance of cruise industry in tourism and global economy cannot be underestimated, with a notable total of 30 million ocean cruise passengers projected in 2019. In this regard and in view of the new year ahead, we attempted to predict key cruise trends that are awaited to shape the industry landscape in 2019 and beyond.

Shipping trends: A look into a Millennial’s mind

Baby Boomers, Gen Z, and Gen X leverage digital tools in order to interact and engage with the world, becoming Millennial-minded! Here are seven trends that may prove if a shipping organization is ready to welcome the Millennials or not.

Countdown: The top shipping stories of 2017

Major challenges mixed with significant developments made 2017 an interesting year for the maritime industry. The agenda of events included from rise of technology trends and vessel automation, to cyber security issues and piracy revival.

Cruise industry steadily on the rise towards 2018

CLIA released the 2018 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook, offering an in-depth look at the cruise industry’s overall global economic impact, as well as the trends affecting cruise travel in 2018. Current data shows cruise travel is steadily on the rise with a projected 27.2 million passengers expected to set sail in 2018.

Trends affecting industry through 2020

In its latest analysis of the global trade and container shipping, the Boston Consulting Group has assessed the main drivers of demand, considering how they might affect global container shipping through 2020 and tried to answer the question, ”was the 2015 dip cyclical or an indication of a new normal for global trade”

UN report on global migrant trends highlight rising numbers for 2015

Presenting the key finding of the latest United Nations survey on international migrant trends, the UN Deputy Secretary-General stressed that the issue of migration is one of the most challenging and important that the Organization is taking on in the new global landscape.

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