ITOPF: Downward trend in tanker spills continues

Over half-way into this decade and the downward trend in oil spills from tankers continues, ITOPF notes. The average number of large oil spills from tankers, i.e. greater than 700 tonnes, has progressively reduced and since 2010 averages 1.7 per year.

Oil demand continues to grow until 2040

The latest edition of the World Energy Outlook, issued by IEA, sees broad transformations in the global energy landscape and predicts increase on the demand for oil, mostly because of the lack of easy alternatives to oil in road freight, aviation and petrochemicals.

Trends affecting industry through 2020

In its latest analysis of the global trade and container shipping, the Boston Consulting Group has assessed the main drivers of demand, considering how they might affect global container shipping through 2020 and tried to answer the question, ”was the 2015 dip cyclical or an indication of a new normal for global trade”

Be part of SAFETY4SEA Smart Shipping Survey

SAFETY4SEA seeks to assess how maritime stakeholders realize the current and future smart shipping challenges and establish the nature of ECDIS & e-Navigation, Cyber Safety/ Cyber Security, Autonomous Shipping and Future Trends within shipping.

DNV GL depicts what will shape the future of shipping

Drones, remote inspection technologies and insights on cybersecurity were some of the main topics discussed at the DNV GL Innovation Day in Singapore. Aimed at providing insights into the latest value creating digital solutions, the Innovation Day included ten presentations and drew upon DNV GL’s expertise in the maritime, software, energy and oil & gas sectors.

DNV GL forecasts Future of Spaceship Earth

DNV GL has launched ‘’Future of Spaceship Earth’’ forecast model which predicts the state of our planet in 2050. DNV GL has used the forecast to assess the likelihood of our world achieving the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 – at both a global and regional level.

GE identifies the benefits of digital operations onboard

GE recognizes the strides that the marine industry has taken—from introducing automation and control system to implementing real-time fleet tracking – and outlines five key benefits of implementing digital operations aboard a vessel.

Trends for more connected, cooperative and smarter shipping

DNV GL will be the main sponsor of the 15th International Conference on Computer and IT Applications in the Maritime Industries (COMPIT), which takes place from 9–11 May 2016 in Lecce/Italy. COMPIT will explore the main trends for a more connected, cooperative and smarter industry.

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