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Case study: Fatal Accident on Board

The following case study, based on an investigation report issued by Transport Malta, refers to a fatal injury occurred as the crew member got trapped between the mooring rope on the winch drum and the deck on the poop deck. The safety investigation revealed that in order to perform the task of stowing the mooring ropes on the winch drum, the crew members had to engage physically with the ropes while the winch was rotating.

Failure of safely securing equipment fatally injures crew

Transport Malta issued an accident report focusing on a vessel which faced many challenges navigating through rough weather conditions; Although all works were suspended in sight of the heavy weather, equipment in the engine room broke and fatally injured two crewmembers.

Investigation for two-vessel collision at Laotieshan Channel

Transport Malta launched an investigation on the collision of two vessels, that took place on September 8 2018; The vessels both suffered structural damages, yet there were no injuries reported. Based on the information already available, the safety investigation will be focussing on several areas related to the navigation aspect and the dynamics of the events that led to the collision.

Lessons learned: Crew fatality during tank cleaning

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued a report on the fatality of two crew members onboard the chemical tanker ‘Key Fighter’ in September 2018. The two crew men fell from a height which led to fatal injuries. It was not excluded that the cause of death could have been either H2S gas intoxication or suffocation due to lack of O2.

Fire in yacht’s garage linked to lithium-ion batteries

Transport Malta issued a report on a garage fire onboard the yacht ‘MY Kanga’ while at anchor off Croatia, in September 2018. The investigation concluded that in all probability, the seat of the fire was the Lithium-ion batteries. Transport Malta recommended a review of the Commercial Yacht Code of 2015.

Inefficient lookout leads to fatal vessel sinking

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued an investigation report on the collision and subsequent foundering of the fishing vessel ‘Mohammed Badry’ off Tunisia in July 2018 that killed one fisherman. The report stresses that the attention of the bridge look-outs on both vessels was likely directed elsewhere.

Seafarer’s deadly fall attributed to lack of barrier systems

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued an investigation report on the fatal fall of a crew member onboard the general cargo ship ‘MV Altenavi’ while underway in the Black Sea. The safety investigation identified missing physical and symbolic barrier systems inside the cargo hold from where it is believed that the seafarer fell.

Crew member dies in oxygen deficient cargo hold

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued an investigation report on a crew member fatality inside the cargo hold onboard the Maltese-registered general cargo ship ‘KATI’, while at the port of Wismar, on 16 July 2018. The death was associated to a deficient in oxygen atmosphere inside the cargo hold. 

Fatal fall onboard pleasure yacht attributed to alcohol

Transport Malta MSIU issued an investigation report on a fatal fall onboard the pleasure yacht ‘La Polonia’, while moored at Porto Maurizio, Italy. On the morning of 4 July 2018, the chief stewardess was found lying on the floor of her cabin, unresponsive, with her legs on the stairs.


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