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Transport Malta Investigation: Damage to equipment leads to inadvertent release of free-fall lifeboat

As Transport Malta informs in its report on MV Leopold Staff, while the vessel was underwa to Durban, South Africa, the crew members decided to carry out maintenance and test the free-fall lifeboat launching arrangement. However, as the lifeboat was off the ramp, the hoisting slings started to slide out from their ferrules, until the lifting block recoiled and the lifeboat slid to the water.

Transport Malta investigation: Vessel sinks in heavy weather

Transport Malta MSIU issued an investigation report on the sinking of the fishing vessel Zaira in Marsascala Bay, resulting in death of two fishermen, on 4 May 2019. The investigation highlighted that the vessel sank after flooding of compartments and loss of stability.

Transport Malta investigation: Ship’s grounding linked to bank effect

Transport Malta MSIU issued an investigation report on the grounding of the Maltese-registered container ship ‘APL Danube’ in April 2019. The investigation revealed that the route on the ECDIS had been deactivated, while the Captain was away from the console during ship’s manoeuvre.


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