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Lessons learned: Man overboard during rescue boat maintenance

Transport Malta’s Marine Safety Investigation Unit issued an investigation report on a man overboard incident involving the Maltese-registered bulk carrier ‘Seastar Endeavour’ in the North Sea Deep Water Route, on 20 May. No crew member had witnessed the accident and the man was never found. 

Lessons learned: Slinging steel coil injures stevedore

Transport Malta’s Marine Safety Investigation Unit (MSIU) issued an investigation report on a serious injury of a stevedore onboard the Panamanian-flagged general cargo ship ‘NS Tera’ at Laboratory Wharf, Valletta, in April 2018. 

Malta: Annual return of shipping firms benefitting from tonnage tax scheme

Transport Malta published a circular drawing the attention of all concerned to the reporting obligations contained in the Merchant Shipping (Taxation and Other Matters Relating to Shipping Organisations) Regulations. Shipping organizations falling within the scope of regulation 4(4) of these Regulations and approved as such, must submit an annual declaration to the Commissioner for Revenue.

Close quarter situation makes ships collision inevitable

Transport Malta issued a report on the collision between the general cargo ship ‘Britannica Hav’ and the fishing vessel ‘Z121 Deborah’, in the English Channel in March 2018. The report found that a close quarter situation progressed to an extent that the collision between the two vessels became inevitable.

Ships collision in Marmara Sea linked to poor lookout

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued an investigation report on the collision between the Ro-Ro cargo vessel ‘Neptune Hellas’ and the general cargo vessel ‘Nur’ while underway in the Marmara Sea. The investigation identified issues related to poor lookout, as well as ineffective use of electronic navigation and radar information. 

Lack of appropriate equipment leads to serious injury

Transport Malta published its report regarding a serious injury to crew member on board the cargo ship ‘Adam Asnyk’, on 15 February 2018. The crew member sustained multiple fractures to his leg, arm and pelvis, as during cleaning the cargo with a hose, he lost his balance as he tried to free the snagged hose. The locking pin that would have locked the railing and prevent it from lifting upwards was never in place from the design stage of the ship.

Hephaestus grounding linked to inadequate safety policies

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued an investigation report into the grounding of the Togo-registered oil tanker ‘Hephaestus’ in February 2018, after being exposed at anchor for several days in deteriorating weather conditions. The report highlighted lack of visible leadership and commitment towards safety from the company. 

Boiler furnace blowback leads to injury onboard

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued an investigation report on the boiler furnace blowback on the container ship ‘New Hampshire Trader’ which caused  injuries to two crew members, about 30 nautical miles from Qingdao Pilot Station, on 31 January 2018. 

Close quarter situation caused Doris collision with fishing vessel

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued an investigation report on the collision of the Maltese-registered bulk carrier ‘Doris’ with the fishing vessel ‘Zhe Xiang Yu 24005’, in January 2018. The report identified as a key cause the close quarter situation developing to an extent that it could not be recovered.


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