E.D.I.T. Automation joins Green Award network

Green Award Foundation announced that the marine technologies company E.D.I.T. Automation, officially became a member of the Green Award network as an incentive provider, on 06 December 2017. 

IMO leads training on energy-efficient shipping

Under the GloMeep project, maritime educators from South Africa took part in an IMO training workshop to introduce the topic of energy-efficient ship operation into their teaching curriculums. The workshop supports maritime training institutes to deliver the IMO Model Course 4.05 to seafarers.

IMO trains educators on energy-efficient shipping

Under its GloMEEP project, IMO conducted a training workshop in Panama City, Panama, on 25-26 April for maritime educators, so that they introduce the topic of energy-efficient ship operation into their teaching curriculums.

Latin America’s maritime technology centre hosted in UMIP

The International Maritime Organization has announced that International Maritime University of Panama has been selected to host the regional Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre for the Latin America region, under a project, funded by the EU and implemented by IMO, aiming to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change.

Mauritius launches training to enhance bunkering activity

The government of Maurtius initiated a five-day training session on bunkering and shipping industry, with emphasis on safety and pollution prevention, on April 24th, in Bagatelle. The Government has ambitions for the enhancement of the harbour of Port Louis, with a potential development of the bunkering industry in the country.

IMO trains India on energy-efficient shipping

IMO continues to work on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping, this time with a train-the-trainer course on energy-efficient ship operation, realized in Mumbai, on 28 February – 3 March, under GloMEEP project. The course trained maritime officials to the complex technical and regulatory aspects designed to make shipping greener.

IMO trains Philippines on energy-efficient shipping

Under its GloMEEP project, IMO continues to promote energy-efficient ship operations, this time in Philippines. A workshop taking place in Manila on 23-24 February is equipping 30 maritime educators from across the country with the knowledge to introduce the topic of ship energy-efficiency into their teaching curriculums.

IMO training inspects green practices

An IMO training in Malaysia has seen port State control officers practice inspecting air pollution and energy efficiency rules aboard a container ship in Johor Port. The participants from across Malaysia have been taking part in the three-day workshop (13-15 February) focusing on how to effectively enforce IMO’s MARPOL Annex VI regulations.

GloMEEP offers new vessel efficiency course

Maritime educators in China are the first to undergo a newly developed course designed to assist maritime training institutes to introduce the topic of energy-efficient ship operation into their teaching curriculums.

Alfa Laval’s new center focus on environmental challenges

Alfa Laval announced that its Test & Training Centre in Aalborg, Denmark will soon be expanded to five times its current size. This development, focused on LNG and other alternative fuels, will address new challenges and possibilities for marine customers as they strive to meet environmental and energy targets.

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