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CIC 2020 postponed due to COVID-19

In response to the situation with regard to COVID-19, the members States of the Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU have decided to postpone the CIC for 2020. This year, the CIC would have focused on stability (in general).

Tokyo MoU: Be aware of cargo-related safety risks

Tokyo MoU raised awareness of the potential risk of casualties caused by cargoes, relating to containers and solid bulk cargoes. Through a new Safety Bulletin, Tokyo MoU highlights there are many accidents caused by the mis-declaration of dangerous goods in containers and inaccurate container weigh information. 

Tokyo MoU flag state performance list for 2019

In its annual PSC report, Tokyo MoU presented the flag states included in the White, Grey and Black list respectively. The list indicates levels of performance of flags over a three-year rolling period (2017-2019). 

Tokyo MoU annual PSC report: Ship detentions increase in 2019

In its annual PSC report for 2019, Tokyo MoU informed of 983 ships detentions with detention rate at 3.13%. Tokyo MoU has recorded a total of 73,393 deficiencies, mostly related to fire safety measures, life-saving appliances and safety of navigation. 

Tokyo MoU: Revised guidance on dealing with COVID-19

Taking into account the serious interruptions to shipping that become long-lasting as a result of the COVID-19, Tokyo MoU reviewed and revised its relevant guidance in order to cope with the uncertain circumstances.

Tokyo MoU to adopt guidance for dealing with COVID-19 impact

Tokyo MoU revealed intentions to adopt specific guidance for dealing with the circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak which impedes, among others, the industry from meeting statutory requirements stipulated in Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

Tokyo MoU: Preliminary results of CIC on Emergency Systems

Tokyo MoU shared preliminary results from its concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on emergency systems and procedures that was carried out in the region from 1st September 2019 to 30 November 2019. During the CIC, authorities inspected a total of 7,174 vessels, of which 55 (0.77%) were detained as a direct result of the campaign. 

Tokyo MoU: Risks of improperly rigged pilot ladders

Tokyo MoU issued a Safety Bulletin to inform of the potential risks of using improperly rigged pilot ladders. This comes in response to several reports from pilots and pilot associations indicating that vessels are improperly securing their pilot ladders to the ship.

Tokyo MoU: Risks of lifting slings with plastic sheathing on freefall lifeboats

Tokyo MoU issued a Safety Bulletin to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with lifting slings encased in plastic sheathing on freefall lifeboats. Such arrangements have been found to restrict visual inspection of the wire ropes enclosed within and prevent routine maintenance and survey being effectively carried out.

Panama becomes 21st member of Tokyo MoU

The Port State Control Committee, the governing body under Tokyo MoU, agreed to accept Panama as its 21st member Authority, during its 30th meeting that took place in Majuro, Marshall Islands, from 14 to 17 October 2019. Panama has completed a three-year term as a Co-operating Member Authority.


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