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Stena CISO compares modern cyber practices to Titanic mistakes

Company managers and administrators are ignoring cyber threats just like the Captain of Titanic ignored warnings from other ships about the iceberg, said Magnus Carling, the Chief information security officer (CISO) of Swedish operator Stena AB.

Titanic wreck is becoming vulnerable

EYOS Expeditions staff have led an expedition to the Titanic, deploying a submersible to conduct several dives on the wreck over a 10-day period. The wreck has become vulnerable from sweeping eddies and subjected to ever-changing sea currents. The wreck is being slowly consumed by the strong, deep currents that flow through the Atlantic here, along with natural salt corrosion and metal eating bacteria.

Watch: Partners to present Titanic wreck in 3D image

Partners are to use 3D techniques to present the first ultra-high-resolution images of Titanic wreckage for scientists and the general public. A group of organizations will apply advanced underwater imaging technology to monitor and document the wreck that was discovered in 1985.

100 years after the Titanic

Various marine safety improvements have resulted from the tragedy AMSA issues media release regarding the 100 years after the Titanic…

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