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3 key features for shipping’s digital transformation

With the arrival of a new decade, the shipping industry continues experiencing digital transformation, with shipping companies having to switch from the traditional way of operations into a modern and smart environment; Yet, as it goes with every change, digitalization was firstly met with skepticism but now the industry acknowledges that new technological developments are key to improving efficiency in every front.

Watch: NASA Jupiter Robot aces tests in Antarctica

An intrepid NASA robot with the aim to search for signs of alien life in the solar system has excelled in its first road-test in Antarctica. In fact, it is said that a team of researchers and engineers spent three weeks at Australia’s Casey research station, testing the robot under the Antarctic sea-ice.

Watch: 10 tech trends to impact shipping industry

DNV GL’s “Technology Outlook 2030” outlines future technologies and their impact on the shipping industry, focusing on how these technologies will affect various sectors, from the shipping industry to energy or food sectors.

Watch: NASA space robot tested in Antarctica

Over the next few months, The Australian Antarctic Program will be collaborating with NASA in order to test an under-ice robot which may potentially be used in a space mission to look for signs of extra-terrestrial life. It is said that NASA engineers are already working on an underwater rover aspiring to tackle the challenges posed by ocean worlds like Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The robot in particular is called Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration or BRUIE.

Eastern Pacific introduces the nine startups for maritime accelerator

In a recent statement, Eastern Pacific has announced its first class of nine startups for the Eastern Pacific Accelerator powered by Techstars, which were selected from hundreds of worldwide applicants. The class of startups was selected with careful consideration and input from EPS’ Operations, Marine Technical, Commercial, IT, Fleet Personnel, and Management teams, who would work closely with each startup to test their technologies and accelerate their businesses.

Change management: Keeping pace with digital transformation

Change management (CM) drivers vary from technological evolution, process reviews, crisis, and consumer habit changes to pressure from new business entrants, acquisitions, mergers or organizational restructuring. In this article we are about to focus on the all-important one; technological evolution and digital transformation.

Port of Valencia, Port of Montreal join TradeLens blockchain project

Valenciaport and the Port of Montreal have been integrated into Maersk and IBM’s TradeLens project, a technological solution to apply blockchain to the global supply chain. According to the data collected by the system itself, the use of TradeLens allows to reduce the transit time of a shipment by 40%, which represents an important economic saving.

Ocean Alliance, Yang Ming collaborate for blockchain platform

Ocean Alliance with Yang Ming and major terminal operators initiated a blockchain consortium in order to establish a digital platform. Τhe pilot project will consist an application which will allow shippers to digitize and organize their dangerous goods documents and automatically connect with relevant parties to streamline the approval process. The application is scheduled to be available in December 2018.

Building a digital culture in maritime industry

Shipping industry is currently facing a new challenge; a complex one that is called “digital transformation”. But how do ship operators face this challenge and take advantage of it, in order to make their organisation fit for the future?


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