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Potential terror alert reported for Port of Mundra and Kandla

The port authorities, based on specific intel inputs by the security services, have cautioned all Merchant Shipping operating in and around the Gulf of Kutch and in particular Kandla and Mundra ports on the possibility of underwater attacks by potential terror organisations.

US increases sanctions against Venezuela

On 5th August, President Trump issued Executive Order 13884, reinforcing sanctions against Venezuela. The order targets the government of Venezuela and blocks all its assets and property in the US, while prohibiting the Venezuelan government to use the US financial system.

Information on port Beira, Mozambique after the cyclone

The Swedish Club informed that the port of Beira has sustained only limited damages, but the roads are still not accessible due to the flooding. Specifically, on March 14, the Central region of Mozambique and most particularly the city of Beira were heavily affected by Cyclone IDAI. There has been extensive wind and water damage to the city and surrounding area with loss of lives, property and no electricity and water available.

Caution required when calling Haiti’s Port-Au-Prince

As the civil unrest and political instability in Haiti continues, shipowners and operators are urged to exercise caution when calling at Port-Au-Prince and when negotiating fixtures towards the port. Protests gave griped Haiti since early February, as part of the demonstrations calling for President Jovenel Moise to resign.

US sanctions create payment problems

The Swedish Club has previously advised that sanctions against Iran cause payment problems because banks have proven reluctant to make any payments having even a connection with Iran notwithstanding that the payment may be perfectly legitimate. In line with its previous announcement, the Club now informed that the problem is not isolated to Iran.

Swedish Club: Risks of breaching sanctions against N. Korea

Since 2017, the UN Security Council advanced the surveillance of any maritime activity that is suspicious of sanctions evasion and there are now even more restrictive measures on DPRK and related activities. There is increased surveillance of shipping in the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and Sea of Japan.

New IMSBC Code requirements from Jan 2019

The Swedish Club informs that by 1 January 2019 there will be a supplementary IMSCB for coal. Namely, coal will not only be categorized as a chemical hazard cargo (Group B) but will also fall into Group A (liquefaction). If the particles are large enough to prevent liquefaction, then they will not be a Group A cargo.

Swedish Club: New declaration forms in Argentina

Citing information from Argentinian P&I correspondents, Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L., the Swedish Club informed of new forms issued by the local custom authorities aimed at providing more certainty as to what items need to be declared upon arrival.

Houthi militia holding 10 vessels in Port of Hodeidah

In its latest Yemen ports update, the Swedish Club informed that Huthi militia is holding 10 oil and commercial vessels in the port of Hodeidah, preventing them from unloading their cargo, while some ships have been detained for nearly 6 months, according to the head of the Higher Relief Committee.


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