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Sweden approves deepening of Gothenburg port

On June 2, the Swedish Minister for Infrastructure Thomas Eneroth announced the government's decision to proceed with the deepening of the fairways at the Port of Gothenburg. This will allow larger vessels to call at the Port of Gothenburg fully loaded. The new project will increase the maximum depth of the fairways from 13.5 metres to about 16 metres.

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Stockholm Norvik Port halfway finished

The Stockholm Norvik Port will open in 2020. The project reach its halfway and there is a big amount of activity at the construction site, where buildings, bridges and quays are emerging, while the route for the railway track is simultaneously being prepared. Gigantic supporting casement walls that have been cast on-site are being moved into place on the sea bed using floating structures. Both manpower and machinery pieces from the northern Pajala mine are on hand to take care of the rock material and prepare the way for the railway track. Ports of Stockholm Managing Director, Johan Castwall, noted: The Stockholm Norvik Port is long-awaited. Volumes of both RoRo and container traffic are increasing and vessels are becoming ever larger. Stockholm is growing and the possibilities to create sustainable goods provision is high on the agenda for both ourselves and our customers. There are now around 350 people on-site and more than 500 000 hours have been worked at the Stockholm Norvik Port. Progress is being  made to to welcome the first vessel in 2020.

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