Challenges and opportunities emerging from the Arctic change

Α recently published report presents the European perspectives towards a changing Arctic and suggests how the European Union and its Member States can play a positive role in several policy areas. For the shipping sector, Europe should set ambitious targets and mandatory requirements for Arctic shipping and support environmental and security monitoring.

New WWF guide helps ships avoid vulnerable Arctic species

A new WWF-Canada guide, aiming to help mariners in the Hudson Strait to identify and avoid marine mammals, is being unveiled at a Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada meeting in Montreal. The Hudson Strait Mariner’s Guide is made up of two large posters to be hung on the ship’s bridge: a chart that will help mariners identify mammals and maps of marine mammal habitat in both summer and winter.

Arctic Council advances protection and sustainable development

Arctic Council concluded latest meeting in Portland, Maine last week, providing updates on a number of key initiatives, including black carbon and methane mitigation, Arctic resilience, and planning for Arctic events at the UNFCCC’s upcoming COP22 meeting in Marrakech

Arctic shipping conference begins

  IMO Secretary-General Sekimizu delivered on August 25th the opening address at the ShipArc 2015 conference on “Safe and Sustainable Shipping…

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