Do you know what cold ironing is?

Lately, shipping faces more and more pressure to reduce its emissions. Responding to this pressure, the sector is trying to come up with new ideas and solutions to improve the green footprint of ships. From new fuels, to slow steaming it seems that ships have many options, but how about ports? Well, ports can also play a significant role in reducing shipping’s emissions, by using one method: cold ironing. 

Paris Agreement Committee discusses next steps

The Paris Agreement Implementation and Compliance Committee (PAICC) carried out a discussion focusing on how the PAICC will function by addressing substantive aspects of its draft Rules of Procedure.

Iceland highlights four priorities for sustainable Arctic environment

The whole world is making great efforts to protect the Arctic from pollution and environmental disruption. Now, Iceland expresses its commitment to the principle of sustainable development and refers to the necessity of close cooperation between the states and peoples of the region and beyond. 

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