Call for new standards on responsible ship recycling

During Nor-Shipping 2017, ABN AMRO, ING and NIBC presented the Responsible Ship Recycling Standards (RSRS) for ship financing and called upon other financial institutions to unite in endorsing these. The banks hope to raise awareness of the importance of improving the end-of-life stage of ships.

DNV GL awards young professionals

DNV GL has honoured three engineers for their scientific research, with the DNV GL Award for Young Professionals. The award is designed to find innovative ideas for increasing safety, efficiency and sustainability in shipping and, seeking to honour the best research, it aims to support young graduates in the maritime field. 25 graduates took part this year.

Fishing fleet in Norway gets ‘greener’

A new project launched under the DNVGL-led Green Coastal Shipping Program with the aim to make fishing fleet more sustainable in Norway. It is focused on reducing the overall emissions emitting from fishing fleet and discovering best practices in long term.

Zero emissions vessel type to be unveiled at Nor-Shipping

Norwegian maritime cluster “NCE Maritime CleanTech” is going to participate at this year’s Nor-Shipping Conference, where it will present environmentally friendly concepts and solutions that have the potential to transform sea transportation.

Nor-Shipping introduces “From Problem to Profit” project

The video presents Nor-Shipping’s initiative project “From Problem to Profit”, based by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, inviting young generation of maritime professionals on search of new sustainable solutions about the ocean.

Peace Boat pushes Disruptive Sustainability at Nor-Shipping

Peace Boat has announced it will be showcasing its plans for Ecoship, a unique future-proof concept cruise vessel, at Nor-Shipping 2017 exhibition Hall A, dedicated to the new industry concept of Disruptive Sustainability. The Japanese-based organization works to promote peace, human rights, sustainable development and respect for the environment.

Nor-Shipping to focus on Disruptive Sustainability

Nor-Shipping has announced that is due to held a pioneering exhibition on Disruptive Sustainability creating an “Enter the Ocean Space” experience and feature an exciting Disruptive Room dedicated to exploring new insights.

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