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Update on Emma Maersk Incident

Emma Maersk faced leakage in Suez Canal earlier this month - situation is under control Emma Maersk, one of the world's biggest container ships, in Port Said after suffering damage near the Suez Canal (Photo Credit: Maersk Line)On 1 February 2013, Emma Maersk, Maersk Line's largest container vessel, experienced ingress of water into the engine room. The vessel had just commenced its southbound transit through the Suez Canal en route to Asia. The captain decided to terminate the planned voyage and go alongside the nearby Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT).According to Captain Marius Gardastovu, there was never any real danger or panic at any point. "Of course it is a shocking experience when you look back and consider what could have happened," he says. "But given the circumstances, everything was handled as well as possible because of a close-knit crew who knew exactly what to do."She was loaded with containers equivalent to 13,537 TEU of which 6,425 were full. The first step was to identify the cargo onboard. Cargo lists were shared with local Maersk Line customer service agents who have since reached out to all its customers with cargo onboard with the relevant information.Alternate routingsAlternative arrangements for the cargo ...

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Emma Maersk faces months out of service

Company confirms that there is no risk of danger The biggest container vessel at the Port of Arhus. Photo by Rafik Fethallah / Maersk websitePalle Laursen, Head of Ship Management for Maersk Line, shares the latest update on the Emma Maersk incident that took place in the Suez Canal Friday evening. He explains that the investigation is still ongoing, and that repairs will take time.Initial inspections by divers show that the water ingress was caused by damage to one of the stern thrusters. Thrusters are used for improving the vessels manoeuvrability and consist of a shaft tunnel fitted with a propeller delivering sideways thrust. It is now known that several propeller blades have broken off and there is severe damage to the propeller mounting, resulting in a crack in the forward stern thruster tunnel which caused the ingress of water.The water flooded the engine room which consequently led to the loss of main engine power, and Emma Maersk was towed to the quay at Suez Canal Container Terminal.No risk of dangerWhile it is still unclear what caused the damage, Palle rules out any human error by the crew. "The crew handled the situation very well and did exactly what they ...

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