Suez Canal

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Suez Canal container terminal to boost its connectivity and competitiveness

APM Terminals announced its collaboration with the Government of Egypt on the final pieces of the jigsaw that will ensure the success of Egypt Vision 2030 for Port Said East Port and the Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT). Once ready, it plans to regain its position as one of the most competitive ports in the South and East Mediterranean region.

East Port Said to have new quays operational in 2020

The General Authority for Suez Canal Economic Zone announced that it is closed to finalizing contracts with international companies to operate new quays at the East Port Said port. The Authority discusses with interested companies into doing business at the port and the new docks emerging from the collaboration will begin operations by mid 2020.

Plan moves forward for maritime oil waste reception unit in Port Saïd

Under the auspices of the French and Egyptian governments and on the occasion of the State visit of President Macron in Cairo, French Ecoslops and Suez Canal Economic Zone took another step towards the implementation of a collection, reception and treatment unit of maritime oil wastes, after a feasibility study in January 2018.


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