Suez Canal

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Investigation report stresses importance of berthing plan

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada issued an investigation report about a vessel sailing through the Suez Canal when it collided with a light fixture, resulting to the light mast being damaged, while the festoon rail on Crane 4 was bent over.

CMA CGM vessel changes route to avoid Suez Canal tolls

An ultra-large containership belonging to CMA CGM is bypassing the Suez Canal while returning to Asia, adding about 3,000 miles and five days to the journey as impacts of COVID-19 and low oil prices ripple across the supply chains.

Traffic at Suez Canal unaffected by COVID-19

The Suez Canal Authority announced that the navigation traffic in the channel is regular and proceeds according to the normal rates of the numbers and tonnage of ships transiting the channel.

Suez Canal adjusts rates of reductions for LNG carriers

The Suez Canal Authority adjusted the rates of reductions granted by some of the LNG carriers, while it announced new incentives and discounts for some petroleum gas tankers and container ships for a period of three months starting from April 1st.

Suez Canal’s invasive species are changing the Mediterranean

The Suez canal, connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, has created a direct shipping route between the East and the West. However, over the years, the invasive species have increased the risk of extinction for native marine life, while they have also changed the Mediterranean ecosystem with potentially devastating consequences, according to scientists.

Suez Canal bans open loop scrubbers’ water discharge

Suez Canal Authority (SCA) made clear that will continue allow ships to use heavy fuel oil (HFO) when transiting through the waterway, without the need of scrubbers, despite the recently IMO introduction of low-sulphur regulations. Specifically, SCA issued a circular in which clarified its stance on scrubbers.

Do you know how to distinguish an Aframax from a Panamax vessel?

There are several variations related to ships sailing on high seas. Panamax vessels, Aframax vessels, and Suezmax vessels are some of the most prevalent types. But what do they mean and what kind of ships do they represent? Well, the answer is relatively easy, and it lies on the area that each ship caters.

GPS interference in Eastern,Central Med. Sea and Suez Canal

The US Maritime Administration alerted of GPS interference that has been reported from vessels operating in the Eastern and Central Mediterranean Sea, and Suez Canal resulting to lost GPS signals that seriously affect the vessel’s navigation and operations.

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