Suez Canal

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Suez Canal’s invasive species are changing the Mediterranean

The Suez canal, connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, has created a direct shipping route between the East and the West. However, over the years, the invasive species have increased the risk of extinction for native marine life, while they have also changed the Mediterranean ecosystem with potentially devastating consequences, according to scientists.

Suez Canal bans open loop scrubbers’ water discharge

Suez Canal Authority (SCA) made clear that will continue allow ships to use heavy fuel oil (HFO) when transiting through the waterway, without the need of scrubbers, despite the recently IMO introduction of low-sulphur regulations. Specifically, SCA issued a circular in which clarified its stance on scrubbers.

Do you know how to distinguish an Aframax from a Panamax vessel?

There are several variations related to ships sailing on high seas. Panamax vessels, Aframax vessels, and Suezmax vessels are some of the most prevalent types. But what do they mean and what kind of ships do they represent? Well, the answer is relatively easy, and it lies on the area that each ship caters.

GPS interference in Eastern,Central Med. Sea and Suez Canal

The US Maritime Administration alerted of GPS interference that has been reported from vessels operating in the Eastern and Central Mediterranean Sea, and Suez Canal resulting to lost GPS signals that seriously affect the vessel’s navigation and operations.

Suez Canal achieves all-time traffic record

According to Xinhua, the traffic transmitting through Suez Canal accomplished an all-time record, as it achieved the highest tonnage per day in the waterway’s history, as Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority Mohab Mamish reported in a statement. 

Suez Canal a critical chokepoint for oil and natural gas trade

As EIA informs, the Suez Canal and the SUMED Pipeline are strategic routes for Persian Gulf crude oil, petroleum products, and LNG shipments to Europe and North America. Located in Egypt, the Suez Canal connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea, and is considered as a key chokepoint due to the large volumes of energy commodities that flow through it.

Egyptian government announces shipping incentives

In line with its policy to achieve pricing flexibility and as part of its vision to sustainability, the Egyptian Government announced a package of incentives and discounts reaching up to 45% on the fees of navigational aids and lighthouses.

Suez Canal achieves second highest daily tonnage ever

Tonnage on the Suez Canal reached the second highest daily record ever traffic ever recorded on May 22. Specifically, 68 vessels carrying a total of 5.5 million tons sailed through the canal, as Suez Canal Authority Chairman Mohab Mamish informed. More specifically, 37 ships transitted the Suez Canal coming from the north, with a weight of 2.8 million tons, while 31 vessels crossed coming from the south with 2.7 million tons.

Suez Canal container terminal to boost its connectivity and competitiveness

APM Terminals announced its collaboration with the Government of Egypt on the final pieces of the jigsaw that will ensure the success of Egypt Vision 2030 for Port Said East Port and the Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT). Once ready, it plans to regain its position as one of the most competitive ports in the South and East Mediterranean region.

Egypt plans to increase Suez Canal’s revenues by $1bn

The Suez Canal Authority aims to increase the Suez Canal’s revenues by as much as $1bn, Mohab Mamish, the chairperson of SCA informed. During the first year of its operation the canal achieved revenues worth a total of $600m. In addition to the $600m revenues, approximately 20,000 vessels crossed the canal per year. These ships carried over 1bn tonnes of cargoes.


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