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20 seamen stranded with little food for over a month

They had to fish for food and use our savings to survive Twenty seamen on a cargo vessel have been abandoned at sea for over a month without food or water.The crew on board Vietnamese flagged MV Sea Home Shine, are stranded off Kota Kinabalu port after their ship owner, Giahar Shipping severed all communications with them.To make matters worse, the crewmen have not been paid their wages for six months.Ship master Captain Tin Maung Maung said the crew had been facing food shortage since their arrival into Kota Kinabalu port."We have to fish for food and use our savings to survive," he said in an interview with The Star.Capt Tin said the crew aged between 19 and 58 and comprising 13 Vietnamese, four Myanmars, two Nepalese and an Indian, were worried they would be stranded for years without any word from the ship owners."The last time the owners contacted us was when we discharged the cargo of maize at the port in May."After that, there has been no word from them, even the local shipping agent, Chong Fui Shipping has not been able to contact them," he said.The 58-year-old skipper said they were running out of money to buy ...

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CMA CGM Libra container ship got stranded at Xiamen sea area

Xiamen races to free grounded large Malta-flagged container ship On May 18th, a large Malta-flagged container ship, CMA CGM Libra, got stranded in the Xiamen sea area.It's the first time that a large ship has run aground at Xiamen Port. The Xiamen government paid close attention to the rescue work for the large ship, reports Xiamen Daily.The large container ship with over 7,000 tons of fuel won't pose a threat to the Xiamen sea area as its body is not damaged and it is away from the main sea routes, the report said.As of May 23rd, two-thousand tons of fuel was unloaded from the ship. To speed up the rescue work, a DALI Floating Crane from Shanghai Salvage Co. (SSC), with lifting capacity of 2,500 tons, joined the rescue team on Monday.Mr. Pan Shijian, vice mayor of Xiamen, urged an all-out effort to help the Malta-flagged container ship during conferences held for the rescue work.Source: OnXiamen

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