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Skuld warns of stowaways in African ports

Vessels gangway is the best defense for vessel's calling at South African ports The Skuld P&I Club warns that stowaways continue to present a serious risk for vessels calling at African ports. The Club argues that the best and perhaps only line of defence is the vessel's gangway when at port in South Africa.That means strict control of all persons coming on board, with production of a valid access permit. The rule must be: no permit - no access.Where situations are chaotic and / or many persons are seeking access at the same time, the master of the vessel needs to prioritise the safety of the vessel and her crew, as well ensure ISPS compliance is adhered to in practice.If that means slowing things down or even calling a halt, then the master should do so. Absent particular charterparty provisions, such a step would not mean the vessel would be off-hire because of a step taken by the master to ensure the continued safety of the vessel and her crew.The Association's correspondents have found that in many cases stowaways gained access to a vessel by simply walking up a gangway unchallenged or blending in to stevedore gangs.The Skuld P&I Club ...

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IMO Facilitation Committee Outcome

Session 39th, from 22 to 26 September 2014 IMO held theFacilitation Committee (FAL), 39th session from 22 to 29 September 2014. Four items were on the FAL 39 agenda of particular interest to operators which are now described as follows :e-Business Possibilities for the Facilitation of Maritime TrafficA Working Group on Electronic Means for the Clearance of Ships was formed under the chairmanship of Mr R Butturini (USA). Following the WG's report, the Committee:1. Agreed that electronic certificates should be used as an equivalent to traditional paper certificates, provided that the certificates and the website used to access them, conform to the guidelines and that specific verification instructions are available on board the ship;2. Agreed that electronic certificates viewed on a computer should be considered as meeting the requirements to be 'on board', and invited MSC, also MEPC, to take appropriate action reflecting this understanding;3. Noted WG discussions related to the development of technical standards for the harmonised application of technology solutions to implement electronic certificates for ships, agreeing further consideration by a re-established Correspondence Group (CG);4. Agreed a proposal to modify the module 'Survey and certification' of GISIS so as to include references to Administrations issuing electronic certificates, making ...

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