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Seafarer shore leave extra protected from 1st January

The amendments to FAL Convention have entered into force globally from 1st January 2018,  to strengthen seafarers’ rights to shore leave and to achieve the smooth transit in ports of ships, cargo and passengers. 

How to prevent stowaways in South African ports

Skuld P&I Club reminded of the potential for an increase in stowaways trying to gain access to vessels in South African ports during the holiday period. From February 2017, the Club had 26 stowaway claims in Durban and 12 stowaway claims in Cape Town.

Liberian Registry launches cyber security program

The Liberian Registry has launched a Cyber and Ship Security Computer-Based Training programme, aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of cyber-security issues, including concepts such as malware, network security, identity theft, risk management, and other common threats to maritime security.

Stowaways from EU ports increased in recent years

The West of England P&I Club  informed that it has dealt with 60 cases involving 220 stowaways in the past 12 months, costing over USD 1.6 million to rectify and occupying a considerable amount of time to bring to satisfactory conclusions.

UK P&I Club warns of stowaway attempts in South Africa

The authorities in South Africa have adopted a rather robust approach with regard to stowaways following a rise in attacks over the last two months. Should any unlawful person gain access onto a ship in a South African port, the person will automatically be deemed to be a stowaway unless the vessel can provide photographic, video or 3rd party evidence (terminal security) that the stowaway attempted to board the vessel in Durban.

Four Nigerians stowaways caught in a Malaysian-bound cargo vessel

Four Nigerians were caught without proper documentation in a Malaysian-bound cargo vessel while trying travel out of the country. Their arrest was accomplished by the Basic Marine Operation Course (BMOC) undertaken by 39 policemen at the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) Quorra.

How to handle stowaway cases in Spanish ports

The Skuld P&I Club has issued circular to provide an overview of the issues surrounding stowaways found onboard vessels destined for Spanish ports. The circular provides advice upon the treatment of stowaways in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Spanish authorities, in addition to MedPandi’s own experience in the handling of stowaways in Spanish ports.


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