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Stowaways may cause delays and expenses to vessels

Steamship’s Captain Ken Robson, member of the Loss Prevention Team, issued an Alert on the risks and possible expenses a company could face in the event of stowaways. According to the Captain ‘stowaways could be an expensive and time consuming problem for members and the Club’.

Changes in stowaway trends at European ports

North P&I Club informed that there has been a notable change in stowaway trends over the last year and a half, as an increased activity is reported around a number of European ports. Potential stowaways target Bilbao’s commercial port and are being discovered on board container and general cargo vessels heading for UK ports,

Security measures against stowaways in port of Dakar

Port of Dakar Authorities have reminded vessels of the security measures concerning watchmen and access, that must be followed when vessels are in port, with respect to illegal emigration, Steamship Mutual P&I Club informed citing information provided by Club Correspondents Budd.

UK P&I Club warns of stowaway attempts in South Africa

The authorities in South Africa have adopted a rather robust approach with regard to stowaways following a rise in attacks over the last two months. Should any unlawful person gain access onto a ship in a South African port, the person will automatically be deemed to be a stowaway unless the vessel can provide photographic, video or 3rd party evidence (terminal security) that the stowaway attempted to board the vessel in Durban.

How to handle stowaway cases in Spanish ports

The Skuld P&I Club has issued circular to provide an overview of the issues surrounding stowaways found onboard vessels destined for Spanish ports. The circular provides advice upon the treatment of stowaways in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Spanish authorities, in addition to MedPandi’s own experience in the handling of stowaways in Spanish ports.

Stowaways: a real and ongoing risk

Amanda Hastings, a trainee claims executive for LS3, the UK Club’s People Claims syndicate, explains why stowaways are a real and ongoing risk that can prove expensive for shipowners.

UK Club warns of stowaways in West Africa

The UK P&I Club warns that several incidents in West Africa concerning stowaways boarding/attempting to board a vessel via the rudder trunk have been reported and advise operators to be extra diligent


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