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South Africa does not allow stowaways to land in its ports

As the Swedish Club informed, no stowaways will be allowed to be landed in South African ports, according to a new sharpened policy from the immigration authority. Any person declared as a stowaway will have to be removed on route or at the next port of call outside South Africa.

How to prevent stowaways from entering onboard

The Panama Maritime Authority issued a Circular to alert Shipowners, operators, masters, companies of Panamanian flagged vessels to implement the security measures needed to prevent stowaways from entering, either at sea or on arrival. When a stowaway is discovered, it reflects that the vessel failed to implement its Ship Security Plan.

Lessons learned: Stowaways enter steering gear trunk

In its latest Safety Scenario, the Swedish Club focuses on a case regarding three stowaways. Namely, the crew of a container ship that had left from Lagos discovered three people sitting on the rudder. The stowaways had used a small rowing boat to reach the vessel and had managed to climb up the rudder and then into the rudder trunk.

Israeli Navy arrests stowaway who tried to set container ship on fire

The Israeli Navy has proceeded to the arrest of a stowaway on board a container ship that was moored outside the port of Haifa. Reports mention that the man was attempting to set the vessel on fire. The unidentified people tried to take control of the ship, while the fire began during the argument.

Stowaways may cause delays and expenses to vessels

Steamship’s Captain Ken Robson, member of the Loss Prevention Team, issued an Alert on the risks and possible expenses a company could face in the event of stowaways. According to the Captain ‘stowaways could be an expensive and time consuming problem for members and the Club’.

Are you covered for SOLAS and Stowaways?

The Strike Club issued a bulletin focusing on the possibilities and challenges a vessel could face when its voyage is disrupted and delayed. The bulletin presents some basic Q&As the marine stakeholders could be interested in when their ship is out of its voyage, and examples of vessel’s disruption and the costs following. 

Three stowaways found on merchant vessel off Port of Miami

The US Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection responded to a report of three stowaways on the merchant vessel, Diana J, on January 16, about three miles off the Port of Miami. The boarding teams found no additional stowaways, rescinded the Captain of the Port Order and the stowaways were taken into custody.

Stowaways arrested on Grande Tema charged with affray

On December 21, four Nigerian stowaways were arrested aboard the Grande Tema vessel, after threatening the vessel’s crew. They have now been charged with affray for allegedly threatening the crew and trying to take control of the ship. During the hearing, the prosecutor asked the court for a three week delay in order to allow for more preparations, asserting that the case may be ‘undercharged’ relative to the severity of the alleged crime. 

Police detains stowaways after boarding Grimaldi’s vessel

Essex police has rescued the 71,000-tonne Italian vessel, Grande Tema, on December 21 in Thames, after stowaways allegedly threatened its crew. Namely, officials detained four stowaways, while no injuries were reported. Sources say that the stowaways boarded the ship in Lagos, or during stops on the west African coast.

Ghana’s port faces problems with stowaway incidents

The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority are using strict security measures to close all avenues that are used by people who want to use the country’s sea ports to stowaway to Western countries. Ghana’s Tema port is facing serious problems with stowaway incidents, with ‘one or two’ persons caught engaging in it this year. 


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