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1 dead, 5 injured onboard a heavy lift vessel off Durban

According to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) of Durban, a Brazilian crewman lost his life onboard a heavy lift vessel at South Africa while five of the vessel’s personnel reported to have been injured as well. Further information about the type of the incident and the name of the vessel are not revealed yet.

NSRI rescues medivacs seafarer with dislocated shoulder

The South African National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) reported of a Filipino seafarer that was medivaced off a bulk carrier suffering a dislocated shoulder. The rescue operation took place on Saturday, May 4 in Table Bay, off Cape Town. The patient was brought to its sea rescue station before being transported to hospital for further care.

Good Samaritan vessel saves ten crew members from sinking ship

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) confirmed the sinking of a fishing vessel off the west coast of the Western Cape near Saldahna Bay and the rescue of its 10 member crew on February 16. On the morning of the same day a good samaritan vessel rescued the crewmembers of the stricken fishing vessel.

Injured stowaway rescued from cargo ship off Table Bay

In the evening hours of Monday, the Sea Rescue South Africa rescued an injured man from the cargo ship ‘UAL Lobito’, while off the Port of Table Bay at anchorage. The injured person was one of two unathorized passengers found on the ship and was reportedly injured from a fall onboard.

Gallery: Tanker and tug near grounding after towing fails

On the evening hours of 4 May, the tug ‘AHT Carrier’ was towing the tanker ‘Order’ off South Africa, when her tow line parted and fouled her propeller. The tugboat was unable to recover the tow rope to reattach a towline to the tanker and both vessels began to drift towards shore, according to NSRI.


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