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Nordic, V. Group to set ship management company

Nordic Tankers Trading, Danish tanker company, announced their intention to create a new company in partnership with V.Group, international marine services business, to secure growth in ship management operations.

DMCA launches facility to enhance shipping technology

Dubai Maritime City Authority celebrates the launch of ‘Innovation Quay,’ a new initiative designed to take advantage of technological innovations, in support of the efforts to promote development in the maritime sector. ‘Innovation Quay’ will be a facility for major manufacturers and research institutions to conduct field studies, using the latest innovative technologies.

SAFETY4SEA survey reveals industry’s smart side

SAFETY4SEA conducted ‘Share your Smart Shipping Insights’ survey during Q4 2016 and assessed how maritime stakeholders have realized the current and future smart shipping challenges and have established the nature of ECDIS & e-Navigation, Cyber Safety/ Cyber Security, Autonomous Shipping and Future Trends within shipping.

Moving towards smart shipping

WISTA has said that although smart ships are likely to be carrying cargoes within 10 years, all in the logistics chain need to adapt in order to make good use of the new technology and the huge amount of data that will be available as a result. Shipping will go from a “poor beginning” in terms of generating and using data to be at the forefront of new technology.

Fleet Xpress brings ‘smart’ ship tipping point

Inmarsat Maritime’s revolutionary Fleet Xpress has unleashed the power of ‘big data’ to enhance vessel efficiency, while delivering transformational but cost-controlled connectivity to the maritime industry.

Greek company introduces ship scanning technology

A combination of extremely precise laser scanning technology, photography and 3D modelling makes it very easy for the Greek firm XYZ to securely map out interior spaces (e.g. engine rooms). During Shakedown, the final event of PortXL, founder and owner Stefanos Katsolis demonstrated the different possibilities offered by XYZ’s system.

Rolls-Royce: The roadmap to autonomous shipping

In a recently published whitepaper, Rolls-Royce explains what it is required for the transition to an era of autonomous shipping highlighting that the process is a more complex matter than a mere technological invention.

Rolls-Royce publishes vision of unmanned shipping

The Rolls-Royce led Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative (AAWA)has published a whitepaper to coincide with its presentations at the Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2016 in Amsterdam. The whitepaper outlines the Project’s vision of how remote and autonomous shipping will become a reality.

GE identifies the benefits of digital operations onboard

GE recognizes the strides that the marine industry has taken—from introducing automation and control system to implementing real-time fleet tracking – and outlines five key benefits of implementing digital operations aboard a vessel.

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