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Six on tech's impact on shipping

Stuart Brewer, Partner at Beacon Communications, presents shipping executives’ viewpoints, stressing the importance of technology and innovation for greater sustainability in the maritime industry.

Digitization is here to stay

Nigel Cleave, Chief Executive Officer, Videotel has responded to SAFETY4SEA questions regarding the developments in smart shipping. Mr Cleave said that during 2016 there has been significant progress with smart shipping and ship owners have realized its benefits. He also noted that cyber security remains a huge challenge for 2017 and highlighted that industry stakeholders need to join forces for enhancing smart technologies for operational efficiency.

Interview with Giorgio Colotti, SpecTec

Giorgio Colotti, SpecTec Domain Expert, explains the benefits of smart solutions for both shipping companies and ships and highlights that communication is essential for the successful implementation of smart shipping.

Towards unmanned shipping

Bjørn Kjærand Haugland, EVP & Chief Sustainability Officer DNV GL, says that autonomous shipping is a now a reality. The technology is in place and the time has come to move more operations ashore. Instead of having a crew of 15 sailing in a storm in the North Sea, people can stay in a control room on shore, where the same person could monitor and steer many ships.

E-navigation: charting the route to autonomous vessels

Autonomous vessels are set to be a reality in the future, but work on them is well underway in the present. Here Willy Zeiler, NAVTOR Marketing and Communication Manager, outlines how e-Navigation will help turn an ambitious concept into reality.

Connected ships need smarter software

In this article, Mr Rob Kenworthy, Managing Director, GTMaritime notes that a shipboard email system is very important for the ‘smart’ shipping industry as it reflects the evolution of maritime communications.

Don’t believe the hype: a buyer’s guide to maritime VSAT

VSAT promises a step change in connectivity for shipowners but they must understand what it can and cannot do, says Malcolm McMaster, President, Globecomm Maritime. In this article, Mr McMaster explains risks and opportunities of upgrading to VSAT communications, from his perspective.

Interview with John Harrison, Intellian

SAFETY4SEEA Team met John Harrison, Vice President, Intellian at Posidonia 2016 for an interview regarding Big Data in relation to connectivity onboard.