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Remote surveys on the rise: Pros and Cons

The COVID-19 pandemic has forcefully shown the importance of digitalization and new technologies within the shipping industry, with remote surveys already taking place. Yet, as the industry is now entering the digital world, the challenges are obvious, forcing the maritime sector to rapidly adapt to the smart era.

IMO joins forces with key stakeholders to support flow of trade by ship

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) joined forces with the World Customs Organization, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the International Standards Organization to support the FAL Convention, boosting ship’s digital connectivity and supporting flow of trade by ship.

Smart Ports: On the move to become Global Logistics Information Exchange Hubs

Ports are taking significant strides with digital transformation and starting to declare themselves as “smart”. Thus, Hanane Becha, Mikael Lind, André Simha, MSC, and Francois Bottin, CMA CGM” discuss about the processes that are digitalized, communities within the port that are connected, and impressive gains in operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction are emerging.

The advantages of remote operations centers in shipping 

Digitalization has been a hot topic of discussion in the shipping industry for the last couple of years, with autonomous vessels being at the forefront of the evolution, and the future of the shipping ready to adapt to the new environment of remote operations centers.

Awake.Al boosts smart ports operations

Awake.Al recently launched a platform for maritime logistics called ” Smart Port as a Service”. Specifically, through this web platform users will have the ability to interact and cooperate with other actors under real-time circumstances. 

What makes a modern ship vulnerable to cyberattacks?

Cyber security is a modern challenge the shipping industry has to deal with, given the increase in cyber-attacks. Yet, the times are even harder now with modern ships, which are equipped with high-tech systems making them a vulnerable target.

Singapore appoints Pole Star as operator of LRIT National Data Centre

MPA Singapore published a circular informing the maritime sector of appointing the Pole Star Space Applications Limited (“Pole Star”) as Singapore Registry of Ships’ recognized Application Service Providers (ASP) and operator of the Singapore LRIT National Data Centre with effect from 1 March 2020.

7 key features to have a cyber seaworthy vessel

Cyber security plays a major role in the shipping industry, followed by a number of cyber attacks in the past that alerted the industry and pushed for more precautionary measures, given its impact in shipping operations. Now, in March’s issue of Be Cyber Aware at Sea, Phish and Ships notes that it is important to understand what makes a vessel cyber seaworthy.

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