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Rolls-Royce reveals future shore control centre

Rolls-Royce has unveiled its vision of the land-based control centres to remotely monitor and control the unmanned ships of the future.In a six minute film, Rolls-Royce presents a vision of the future in which a small crew of 7 to 14 people monitor and control the operation of a fleet of vessels across the world. The crew uses interactive smart screens, voice recognition systems, holograms and surveillance drones to monitor what is happening both on board and around the ship.

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Managing the Smart Ship

Christos Emmanouilidis, Business Development, DANAOS gave a presentation on ‘’Managing the Smart Ship’’ during the 2016 SMART4SEA Forum. He showcased a case study to address the benefits of big data analysis which are as follows: situation awareness and forecasting, managing end to end processes within the company and partners, capitalizing on mobility to react on time to the upcoming challenges, fully meeting statutory requirements.

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