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What makes a modern ship vulnerable to cyberattacks?

Cyber security is a modern challenge the shipping industry has to deal with, given the increase in cyber-attacks. Yet, the times are even harder now with modern ships, which are equipped with high-tech systems making them a vulnerable target.

7 key features to have a cyber seaworthy vessel

Cyber security plays a major role in the shipping industry, followed by a number of cyber attacks in the past that alerted the industry and pushed for more precautionary measures, given its impact in shipping operations. Now, in March’s issue of Be Cyber Aware at Sea, Phish and Ships notes that it is important to understand what makes a vessel cyber seaworthy.

Watch: Cyber attacks pose great threats in maritime industry

Professor Kevin James, Executive Dean Of Science and Engineering in Plymouth University conducts a survey about cyber attacks in maritime industry. Cyber attacks are of a great risk both for the maritime industry and for mariners. Cyber attack can cause many problems such as breaking something to the point it could go wrong and finally be mitigated. The most insidious cyber attacks can cause something serious to happen.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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