Monday, June 14, 2021

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Rotterdam to launch shore-based power initiative for sea-going vessels 

The Municipality of Rotterdam along with Port of Rotterdam joined their forces and decided to collaborate for the joint rollout of shore-based power for sea-going vessels in Rotterdam. Through their collaboration, both sides want a significant share of sea-going vessels to ‘plug in’ once they have moored along one of the port’s quays, by 2030. This will allow them to power down their diesel generators while berthed – good news for local air quality and the vessels’ carbon footprint. In light of the situation, Allard Castelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority commended: Our vision combines ambition and pragmatism. We will be setting up eight to ten shore-based power projects for a variety of sea-going vessel types. We will be doing this in partnership with companies in the port area and with the shipping companies that use our port. We will continually monitor the results of these projects to learn whether we can speed up the process or need to take a bit more time. What is more, during the next five years, the partners will be initiating a series of projects that are intended to accelerate and scale up the adoption of shore-based power. Depending on the experiences ...

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Do you know what cold ironing is?

Lately, shipping faces more and more pressure to reduce its emissions. Responding to this pressure, the sector is trying to come up with new ideas and solutions to improve the green footprint of ships. From new fuels, to slow steaming it seems that ships have many options, but how about ports? Well, ports can also play a significant role in reducing shipping’s emissions, by using one method: cold ironing. 

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