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Indian Navy to Procure Survey Vessels from Indigenous Shipyards

To conduct hydrographic and oceanographic surveys Prompted by a desire to renew its underwater preparedness the Indian Navy has launched the process of procuring survey vessels from indigenous shipyards.As confirmed by a Navy official to the Press Trust of India (PTI), the four planned vessels are required to be 100 per cent indigenous, their primary assignment being conducting hydrographic and oceanographic surveys.At the same time, the ships, armed with CRN-91 guns will have a limited defense role, but are also required to have the capacity of performing as hospital facilities in case of emergency.In terms of specifications, the ships should be able to endure a mission time of about eight weeks housing circa 200 crew members.With 2000-3000 tons of displacement, the estimated speed limit of the vessels will be 18 knots, in addition to the capability of operating one single-engine rotary wing aircraft of six tons and a retractable hangar for parking it.Moreover, they will be able to cruise at very low speed from zero to six knots for extended period of time.The life expectancy of the state-of-the art vessels is 25 years.The construction of the ships and their subsequent commissioning is expected by 2017-18.Source: World Maritime News

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The Making of a Bulk Carrier

In Cochin ShipYard This is an excellent informative presentation of bulk carrier. In this program we see the various usage of Bulk Carrier, construction procedure in Cochin Shipyard from its birth. We also get to see the various skills, accuracy and expertise goes in to building a Bulk Carrier. Cmde. Jithendran, Chairman and MD, Cochin Shipyard Ltd., speaks on the colorful launching ceremony of 'Boss Clip Trader'.

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HHIC Inks Contract to Build Ten Mid-Size Container Ships

USD 450 million contract to build ten 5,000TEU container 
ships Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction's Philippine Shipyard wins contract to build mid-size container ships for European ownersDespite the current global economic slowdown, Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction (HHIC)-Phil's Subic Shipyard has won a bid to build mid-size container ships for the first time this year.The shipbuilder recently announced that it has signed a USD 450 million contract to build ten 5,000TEU container 
ships (options included) with ship owners in Europe.These days, large vessels have been the mainstream in the container ship 
market with little demand for mid-size container 
ships (5,000TEU). Because of high expectations of an economic recovery and excessive bidding for very large container ships, mid-size container ships have become more popular.HHIC says that it hasn't been able to win a decent bid since early last year. Based on recently dramatic improvement in cost 
competitiveness, however, HHIC-Phil's Subic Shipyard has finally been able to win this bid.The container ships HHIC-Phil's Subic Shipyard have signed up to deliver are 255m 
in length, 37m in width and 22m in depth with a speed of up to 21.5 knots. They are to be state-of-the-art, environment-friendly ships.Source: HHIC

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China Shipyards Slash Prices to Survive

Chinese shipyards offer to sell vessels at discounts Chinese shipyards offer to sell vessels at discounts of more than 20 percent to compete with Asian rivals.Reuters report that rock bottom freight rates, slowing economic growth and an oversupply of ships have forced maritime firms to cancel or delay hundreds of new orders, leaving yards especially in China with unwanted vessels for sale.As many as half of China's 1,600 shipbuilding companies are expected to go bankrupt or be acquired by larger rivals in the next two to three years and pressure is growing to move inventory, according to senior Chinese industry executives.Source: Reuters

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Time Lapse: Vessel Construction

USS Zumwal Ultra 2200, the second of 4 Ultra units for the future USS Zumwalt, rolls out of the Ultra Hall at Bath Iron Works and gains two smaller units before being joined to Ultra 1400 (rolled out last fall).At 4500 tons, this is the largest ship module ever moved by BIW. Two thirds of the hull are now on the ways, with another hull module and the composite deckhouse still to come.

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China’s shipyards founder as building boom ends

Not many ships are being built anymore Welder Zhang fires up his blow torch and looks up at the towering, 8,800-tonnes oil tanker that is likely to be his last job at China's privately owned Qiligang Shipbuilding Co.Barring a miracle, the 50-year-old will soon join the thousands of unemployed shipbuilders who have fallen victim to the end of China's maritime boom and the long-awaited consolidation of its more than 1,600 shipbuilding companies.Four years into one of the worst downturns to afflict the global shipping industry, hundreds of small to mid-sized shipyards are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy as foreign orders dwindle and domestic lenders slash credit."The building of this ship is almost done, and we don't expect to have any new jobs soon," said Zhang, who asked to be identified by one name."We used to work 30 days a month, but now we work only 10 to 20 days because not many ships are being built. Many workers have moved on to other jobs."Qiligang Shipbuilding is one of several troubled firms in the eastern coastal Zhejiang province, the world's largest manufacturing base for small to medium-sized dry docks.According to local media, around 80 percent of shipyards in Zhejiang have ...

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Government may not build shipyards at proposed ports

The existing ones are already finding it difficult to get business The government may not look at building new shipyards in the country proposed in the Maritime Agenda, as the existing ones are already finding it difficult to get business."Presently there is no demand, the existing shipyards are not getting business as expected," a Shipping Ministry official said.The government last year, while unveiling the Maritime Agenda 2010-12, had proposed setting up a major port each on the east and west coast of India, along with with respective shipyards.However, while the proposal of setting up the two ports stands, the one for shipyards at these ports may be revisited due to lack of demand.India has over 40 shipyards owned and operated by both private as well as public sector.The coastal states -- Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa -- have been asked to suggest sites for setting up a port.Under the agenda, the ministry also proposes to create an Ombudsman or Tribunal for Shipping matters.The ministry also plans to promote coastal shipping as it will help in decongesting our roads and is environment friendly.The total proposed investments in the shipping sector by 2020 is Rs ...

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Japanese Ship Orders Rise 8.6 Percent

March increase is first year-over-year gain in four months Orders at Japanese shipyards rose for the first time in four months in March on a year-on-year basis, increasing 8.6 percent to 1.1 million gross tons, according to the Japan Ship Exporters' Association.The March growth followed year-over-year drops of 2.8 percent in December, 56.7 percent in January and 23.1 percent in February.Japanese shipbuilders received orders for 21 export ships - 16 bulk carriers, four tankers and one general cargo vessel - in March. The 21 ships total about 454,000 compensated gross tons.For all of fiscal 2011, which ended on March 31, Japanese export ship orders tumbled 34.9 percent from the previous fiscal year to about 8.1 million gross tons. Japanese shipbuilders received orders for 198 export ships, totaling about 3.9 million compensated gross tons, for the year.Japan is one of the world's top shipbuilding nations along with South Korea and China. But Japanese shipbuilders are struggling as demand for new vessels among ship owners is flagging amid a slowdown in the global economy due largely to the deep European debt crisis.Japanese shipbuilders also face increasingly tough competition with their South Korean and Chinese rivals amid the strong value of the yen, ...

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COSCO Shipyard Group Secures Contract for Seven Bulk Carriers

From a European Company COSCO (Guangdong) Shipyard Co., Ltd (a subsidiary of the Company's 51% owned subsidiary, COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd), has secured a contract from a European company to build a bulk carrier of 35,000 dwt.The vessel is scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2013. Separately, COSCO (Zhoushan) Shipyard Co., Ltd (which is also a subsidiary of COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd.) has secured two contracts and four option contracts from another European company to build a total of six units of 64,000 dwt bulk carriers with eco-friendly and fuel-efficient designs.The two contracts will become effective following approval from the shipbuilder's board of directors.Delivery of the two vessels is expected to be in the first quarter and the second quarter of 2014 respectively. Upon the approval of the two contracts, the shipowner has the option to declare two of the option contracts to become effective within 12 months and the other two option contracts to become effective within 24 months. Delivery of the vessels under the option contracts is expected to take place within 18 months after the option contracts become effective.The Company will make announcements as and when the shipbuilding contracts and/or the option contracts ...

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