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Guyana ratifies treaties for safe and clean shipping

Guyana ratified two key IMO measures aimed to preserve bio-diversity: the Ballast Water Management Convention and another on use of harmful anti-fouling systems on ships hulls. It also ratified others regarding unlawful acts against the safety of navigation and removing wrecks from the seabed. In addition, it signed four instruments covering liability and compensation.

The first Japanese battleship wreck from WWII found

Researchers from the organization started by philanthropist Paul Allen found the wreck of the first Japanese battleship sunk by the U.S. Navy during World War II. The 1914-built Hiei was a Japanese battlecruiser, one of the most heavily-armed vessels of its era, having eight 14-inch guns and armour up to nine inches thick. The vessel was crippled by a shell from the USS San Francisco on the 13th which disabled the steering gear. 

Canada set to assess risks related to ship wrecks

Canada has awarded a contract to Dartmouth-based London Offshore Consultants, for the development of a risk assessment methodology related to hundreds of vessels of concern (abandoned, wrecked or dilapidated vessels) in Canadian waters or on Crown land.

Greece hauls wrecked vessels from Gulf of Elefsina

Greece hauls the remains of cargo ships through the water, listing to one side with a rusting hull exposed  in and near the Gulf of Elefsina, an industrial area of shipyards and factories near Greece’s major port of Piraeus. Now Greek authorities have begun to remove the ships, some of which have been there for decades, saying they are both an environmental hazard and a danger to modern shipping.

IMO focuses on wreck removal challenges

A ship wreck can be a barrier to navigation. It is a possibility that other vessels and crew can face dangerous situations ,depending on the nature of the cargo and remaining fuel on board, a wreck may also cause damage to marine environments and other coastal interests.

Sunken Thai tour boat ‘Phoenix’ refloated

 On Saturday afternoon, Thai authorities managed to recover the wreck of the tourist boat ‘Phoenix’, which sank in July claiming lives of over 40 people onboard. The sunken vessel had been lying in 45 metres of water, about 4 km off Ko Hae, near Phuket, since 5 July, when it capsized in heavy weather. Previous attempts to refloat the sunken boat had been unsuccessful.

Archaeology project finds world’s oldest intact wreck

The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project claims that is has discovered the world’s oldest intact wreck, a Greek sailing vessel which dates back to 400 BC. The wooden hull is well-preserved as it is located a mile beneath the surface of the Black Sea, where low level of oxygen in the water limits decay. 

58 ancient shipwrecks found in Fournoi, Greece

Archaeologists in Greece have found at least 58 shipwrecks, which say may be the largest concentration of ancient wrecks that were ever found in the Aegean and possibly the Mediterranean. The wrecks were found in the small island of Fournoi. Most are dated back to the Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras.

A 400-year-old shipwreck ‘discovery of the decade’ for Portugal

Divers have discovered a 400-year-old shipwreck believed to have sunk off Portugal waters, after returning from India laden with spices. Archaeologists believe this is the greatest history finding of all times in Portugal and ‘the discovery of the decade’ from a heritage perspective globally.

Wreck of historic HMS Endeavour likely discovered off US

The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project and the Australian National Maritime Museum believe they may have solved one of the greatest maritime mysteries with the discovery of ‘HMS Endeavour’, the first British ship on a voyage discovery to Australia captained by James Cook.


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