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Archaeology project finds world’s oldest intact wreck

The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project claims that is has discovered the world’s oldest intact wreck, a Greek sailing vessel which dates back to 400 BC. The wooden hull is well-preserved as it is located a mile beneath the surface of the Black Sea, where low level of oxygen in the water limits decay. 

58 ancient shipwrecks found in Fournoi, Greece

Archaeologists in Greece have found at least 58 shipwrecks, which say may be the largest concentration of ancient wrecks that were ever found in the Aegean and possibly the Mediterranean. The wrecks were found in the small island of Fournoi. Most are dated back to the Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras.

A 400-year-old shipwreck ‘discovery of the decade’ for Portugal

Divers have discovered a 400-year-old shipwreck believed to have sunk off Portugal waters, after returning from India laden with spices. Archaeologists believe this is the greatest history finding of all times in Portugal and ‘the discovery of the decade’ from a heritage perspective globally.

Wreck of historic HMS Endeavour likely discovered off US

The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project and the Australian National Maritime Museum believe they may have solved one of the greatest maritime mysteries with the discovery of ‘HMS Endeavour’, the first British ship on a voyage discovery to Australia captained by James Cook.

USCG to assess environmental impact of WWII shipwreck off NY

USCG has contracted salvage company Resolve Marine to conduct an underwater assessment of the tanker ‘Coimbra’, located 30 miles southeast of Shinnecock, N.Y.. The ship sunk during World War II by a German U-boat. The operation will assess the condition of the tanker and potential to have an environmental impact. 

Pulaski shipwreck location confirmed by divers

Blue Water Ventures International and Endurance Exploration Group verified the identity of the Steamboat Pulaski. Several items were recovered containing the name “Pulaski” on the artifacts, establishing the ship’s provenance. The Pulaski sank in 1838 off the coast of North Carolina. It’s one of the more notable shipwrecks in the early history of the eastern seaboard of the US.

19th century shipwrecks discovered during search for Malaysia Airlines flight

Two shipwrecks were discovered 2,300km off the coast of Western Australia during the initial search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The shipwrecks have been identified as 19th Century merchant sailing vessels carrying cargoes of coal. The Western Australian Museum analysed sonar and video data taken by the search vessels Fugro Equator and Havilah Harmony.

Watch: Underwater survey of Australian submarine wreck

In April 2018, a joint US and Australian expedition has provided images of the ‘HMAS AE1’, Australia’s first submarine, which lies on the seafloor off the Duke of York Islands, in Papua New Guinea. The Royal Australian Navy’s submarine was lost at sea with all hands on 14 September 1914, and its fate had remained a mystery until discovery in December 2017.

Watch: Wreck removal of boxship ‘TS Taipei’

Royal Boskalis Westminster issued a video depicting how it removed the wreck of the ‘TS Taipei’ offshore Shimen, in north of Taiwan. The container ship was en route en route from Taiwan’s Keelung to Taichung in March 2016, when it suffered an engine failure, ran aground, split at two and sank.


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