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Update on pollution fines in Turkey

The Shipowner’s Club informs that the Turkish pollution fines have increased, following the latest declaration which modified the existing limits; Thus the Club has divided the fines in four categories, depending on the vessel and the quantity of pollution.

Checklist for compliance with the 2020 sulphur cap

From 1 January 2020, the limit for sulphur in fuel oil on board ships operating outside designated Emission Control Areas (ECAs) will fall to 0.50% mass by mass (m/m). For this reason, the Shipowners’ Club published a checklist, which may be used as a guide to compliment any operational changes that operators are planning, so as to ensure compliance with the upcoming MARPOL convention changes.

Wind down period for Iran metals sanction ends

As the Shipowners’ Club informs, President Trump issued Executive Order 13871 (the Order) of 8 May 2019 ‘Imposing Sanctions with Respect to the Iron, Steel, Aluminum, and Copper Sectors of Iran’. The Order included a 90-day wind-down period, enabling those persons engaged in transactions to take necessary steps to avoid exposure to sanctions.

Lessons learned: Overloaded gangway leads to fatality

As a gang of 16 cleaning contractors boarded a container ship via the vessel’s gangway in single file, the outboard end of the gangway moved off the quay edge and dropped about 1metre until its weight was taken up by the lowering wires.

Lessons learned: Passenger injury on access ramp

In its latest gangways guidance, the Shipowners Club describes a case of a passenger injury on the access ramp while boarding a ferry. The claimant’s lawyers supported that this incident occurred because the ramp was unattended and not because the ramp was unsafe. 

Lessons learned: Difficult step causes passenger injury

In its latest Loss Prevention guidance on gangways, the Shipowners Club describes a case of an injury to an elderly passenger disembarking from a tourist craft operating in north-eastern Australia. The Club highlighted a poor implementation of safety management system. 

UK announces change in discount rate

As the Shipowners Club informed, the Lord Chancellor announced a change in the discount rate after a review under the Civil Liability Act 2018. As of 5 August 2019, the discount rate will increase from -0.75% to -0.25%. The discount rate is a figure aiming to help calculate lump sum compensation payments for high value personal injury claims.

How to ensure safe operation of gangways

In light of several gangway claims, the Shipowners Club issued a revised booklet providing guidance on gangway safety. The booklet notes that gangways should have important information marked on their framework, including manufacturers’ name, safe loading (by numbers and weight), model number and the maximum angle for the gangway to be set at.

50% of seafarers frustrated with bridge alarms, survey finds

A recent shift to automation and new technologies makes imminent the need of additional skills for seafarers to adequately respond to new requirements. In 2017-2018, the Shipowners Club ran a survey to investigate whether alarms on the bridge affected the attention and focus of bridge watchkeepers.

Shipowners Club launches autonomous vessel policy

In 2018, the Shipowners’ Club launched a dedicated autonomous vessel P&I policy. The Club consulted owners, operators and manufacturers of autonomous ships to make sure it had the right cover in place so that operators can focus on their operations knowing they are appropriately covered if anything should go wrong. 


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