New partnership to develop digital twin ships

A new strategic cooperation agreement among South Korean shipbuilder DSME, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, data analysis provider NAPA and simulation provider AVL, seeks to combine expertise in naval architecture and maritime technology to develop digital ships and related strategic solutions.

Italy inaugurates new Integrated Ship Design Laboratory

An agreement between the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Trieste, Fincantieri and Intergraph Italia, resulted to the creation of a new “Integrated Ship Design Lab” in Italy. The Integrated ship design is a new methodology able to take into account all the requirements and constraints since from the early stages of design process.  

Hyundai Heavy to use robots in ship construction

South Korea’s largest shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy announced it will use robots for ships construction for the first time in the industry, in a bid to improve efficiency and cut costs. HHI has recently completed a year of testing of a robotic system that automatically shapes a vessel’s 3-D curved surface at its shipyard in Ulsan.


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