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RightShip Inspection Follow Up Updates

RightShip's ship inspection and reporting procedures Following discussions initiated by the Union of Greek Shipowners with RightShip and facilitated by Lloyds Register, LR issued a news update to confirm RightShip's ship inspection and reporting procedures as follows:A dry cargo ship inspection will be carried out by RightShip inspectors either when recommended by RightShip or when requested by the ship operator.On completion of any inspection, the RightShip Ship Inspection Report, if listing any deficiencies, and following RightShip's review and assessment, will then be sent to the ship operator for review, comments and to advise what actions will be taken by the operator to address any deficiencies.Reported deficiencies that are considered to be of a serious nature and of a potential impact to the safety of the ship, the crew and or the environment shall have to be brought by the operator to the attention of the relevant classification society or flag administration as appropriate and are to be dealt with to the satisfaction of class / flag.Confirmation and evidence of action taken to address any deficiencies will be provided to RightShip in order to close these deficiencies accordingly.It is evident from the above that in case of any serious deficiency the ...

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Tokyo MoU will introduce a New Inspection Regime (NIR) from 1st January, 2014

Under the NIR, ships would be identified into three categories At the 23rd meeting of the Port State Control Committee in Singapore last month, the Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control in the Asia-Pacific Region (Tokyo MOU) decided to introduce a New Inspection Regime (NIR) for selection of ships from 1 January 2014. Bearing in mind the request by the Ministers at the 2nd Joint Ministerial Conference of the Paris and Tokyo Memoranda to harmonize PSC procedures to the highest level between the two regions, the Tokyo MOU NIR was developed by taking advantage of the one introduced in the Paris MOU a couple of years ago. Tokyo MOU will adopt related instruments in the next meeting held in October 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.Under the NIR, ships would be identified into three categories (i.e. high risk ships-HRS, standard risk ships-SRS and low risk ships-LRS) based on ship risk profile, which will be calculated automatically in the PSC database system (APCIS). Under the NIR, different time windows/inspection intervals would be applied to the corresponding categories of ships in accordance with the risk levels so that high risk ships would be subject to more frequent inspections while the quality/low risk ships ...

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