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Methane slip from LNG fueled engines

Mr. Antonis Trakakis, Chief Technology Officer at Forward Ships, talks about methane slips from LNG fueled engines. Mr. Trakakis notes that these emissions are not inherent to the natural gas. The problem lies at the applied heat cycle, making the amount of methane slip depend on the technology of each engine.

Hidden engine room hot spots

Joe Maguire, Technical Manager at the Skuld P&I Club shared best practice with respect to the continued dangers of fires which originate in the machinery space and, specifically, as a result of a flammable liquid spraying onto a hot surface.

Track and Trace: How to find the root causes of motor failure before it happens

Michael Herring of SKF (U.K.), explains how big data and analytics for predictive maintenance draw valuable insights about the machine operation. Nowadays, electric motor analysis is a useful tool for critical equipment as it can allow data to be accessed centrally, at any time, which helps technicians and managers make decisions quickly and more effectively.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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