ship engines

New software developed to detect combustion chamber issues

NYK by combining photo data with operational data from the ship information management system, as well as engine data from an electronic checklist, developed the software to diagnose internal chamber conditions. NYK has also developed a smaller version of Kirari NINJA, which photographs smaller cylinders.

AIDAprima, AIDAperla receive software for engine maintenance

Zeppelin Power Systems announced that it has extended its agreements for AIDAprima and AIDAperla. The cruise ships’ engines will now include the software ‘Cat Asset Intelligence’. This software analyzes the operating parameters and enables a service support.

NYK launches tool to detect ship engine problems

In collaboration with MTI Corporation, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha developed the diagnostic tool “Kirari MUSE” that collects the operating sound of ships’ engine equipment in an effort to utilize big data. Kirari MUSE visualizes the sound of the engine and it diagnoses the condition.


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