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Good Samaritan vessel saves ten crew members from sinking ship

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) confirmed the sinking of a fishing vessel off the west coast of the Western Cape near Saldahna Bay and the rescue of its 10 member crew on February 16. On the morning of the same day a good samaritan vessel rescued the crewmembers of the stricken fishing vessel.

Ocean Infinity finds Stellar Daisy deep in the Atlantic

Ocean Infinity informed that it has successfully located the wreck of the lost South Korean tanker, Stellar Daisy. The ship was found 3461 meters deep in the South Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1800 nautical miles due west of Cape Town. Stellar Daisy sank on 31 March 2017, while transporting iron ore from Brazil to China. As a result, 22 of the 24 crew died.

Research vessel rescues mariner in distress off Texas

The research vessel ‘Hugin Explorer’ found a 57-year-old mariner in distress, approximately 230 miles offshore of Galveston, Texas, Wednesday. USCG Sector Houston-Galveston watchstanders received a report from the crew of the ‘Hugin Explorer’ stating the sailing vessel ‘Pomodoro’ was taking on water and in need of assistance.

Marine Electric: The sinking that changed USCG approach on safety

12th February marks 36 years after a major marine casualty in US waters, which changed USCG marine safety procedures. On the aftermath of the tragedy, which claimed lives of 31 crewmen, the US Coast Guard tightened its inspections of 20-year or older ships and initiated the rescue swimmer program, among others.

HRAS: Inconsistencies by flag States led to ‘Aquarius Dignitus’ de-flaggings

Human Rights at Sea issued its independent review and commentary into the ‘Human Rights and International Rule of Law Ramifications of the De-Flagging of M/V Aquarius Dignitus’. This is a vessel chartered by SOS Méditerranée and previously operated along with the Amsterdam-based branch of Médecins Sans Frontières, rescuing men, women and children in the Central Mediterranean Sea.

Ocean Infinity vessel to sail in search for Stellar Daisy

Ocean Infinity announced that its vessel, Seabed Constructor, sets sail from Cape Town to begin the search for the lost South Korean ship, Stellar Daisy. The vessel sank on March 31, 2017 with the loss of 22 out of 24 of its crew. The vessel was transferring iron ore from Brazil to China and it is believed that it has gone down in the South Atlantic Ocean approximately 1,800 nautical miles due west of Cape Town.

Spain’s SASEMAR uses EMSA drones for maritime surveillance

EMSA informed that the Spanish maritime safety agency SASEMAR is using its Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in the southern province of Huelva, for identifying and monitoring oil spills, as well as for additional assistance during search and rescue missions. 

NYK bulk carrier saves yachtsman in North Atlantic

While Frontier Jacaranda was navigating for Rotterdam, Netherlands, it received a call from the UK’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre. The ship immediately headed to the instructed area and rescued a British yachtsman. The individual was in good health and delivered to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre of the Republic of Cabo Verde on January 20.

Migrant rescue vessel allowed to dock in Sicily

Italian government allowed the rescue boat ‘Sea-Watch 3’ to dock in Sicily and disembark 47 migrants who were rescued in the Mediterranean Sea. The ship was previously barred from entering Italian waters for almost two weeks. 


The sulphur cap is less than a year away and with most vessels choosing compliant fuel, do you expect to see a spike in incidents and accidents related to the switch over?

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