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168 people rescued from troubled Philippine ship

The cause of the problem is not clear The Philippine coast guard and fishermen rescued 168 people who were on board a passenger ship that tilted for three hours before sinking early Sunday in the central Philippines, officials said.The steel-hulled M/V Asia Malaysia was heading from the central Cebu region to Iloilo province on an overnight trip when it began to tilt to its right, or starboard side, at dawn Sunday, coast guard chief Admiral Ramon Liwag said. The cause of the problem was not immediately clear.The ship's captain sent a distress call to the coast guard and ordered all passengers and his crewmen to abandon the 2,400-ton vessel, which tilted about four miles (six kilometers) from its destination before sinking amid rain, coast guard spokesman Lt. Commander Algier Ricafrente said.Coast guard vessels, fishermen and two passenger ships saved 168 passengers and crewmen from the ship, which had a capacity of 550 people, Ricafrente said. It was unclear how many people the M/V Asia Malaysia was carrying.A coast guard helicopter was scouring the area for other possible survivors and to check whether there was an oil slick from the ship, he said.Although the weather has improved, rains were still battering ...

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Fishing boat capsizes off Masbate

12 rescued and 20 missing At least 12 fishermen were rescued while 20 remain missing after their boat capsized between Masbate and Sibuyan Island in Romblon on Wednesday.The Philippine Coast Guard in Calumpang and rescue teams from Masbate managed to rescue some of the fishermen after the FB Hope Christy carrying 32 fishermen capsized at around 10: a.m.Those who were rescued were brought to the Municipal Hospital of Balud in Masbate.Meanwhile, the Coast Guard Southern Tagalog district deployed Coast Guard vessel TB-271 to help in the search-and-rescue operations for the 20 who went missing.Coast Guard commandant Admiral Ramon Liwag also ordered the Coast Guard vessel BRP Corregidor (AE-891), and the PCG helicopter help search for the missing fishermen.The Coast Guard said it will investigate what happened to the FB Hope Christy.Source: GMA News

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All 15 crewmen rescued from MT Phoenix

A dramatic 22-minute joint operation, fought on a moving ship and against a raging sea It was a dramatic 22-minute joint operation, fought on a moving ship and against a raging sea, pelting rain and howling wind, coupled with the downdraft from the helicopter rotors.With such dangerous, noisy conditions, there was no time for talk between the 15 crewmen from India who had to be winched to safety from the stricken oil tanker, the MT Phoenix, and their rescuers.The crew were very compliant. They obviously realised what was required of them, said Captain Troy Allison, commander of the SAPS search and rescue unit, who was winched down to the ship with Constable Tiaan Kotze, to help rescue eight of the crewmen.While Kotze remained on deck, Allison, wearing a body harness, was attached to the sailors with straps and hoisted back up with them, one by one, to the police air wings Squirrel B3 helicopter.A Transnet National Ports Authority Portnet helicopter from Richards Bay plucked another three men to safety with Kotzes help. An SA Air Force Oryx helicopter and crew winched four more sailors off the deck and deposited them safely on the beach.On Tuesday night, National Sea Rescue Institute ...

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Search in Solomon Islands for ten missing people continues

The group went missing in bad weather while travelling in a small motor boat A search is continuing in Solomon Islands for 10 people who have been missing at sea off Makira Ulawa Province since Tuesday.Brian Aunima, head of team responsible for search and rescue, says the group went missing in bad weather while travelling in a small motor boat from Uwala to Three Sister Island.He has told Pacific Beat weather conditions are much better on Friday and they have expanded the search with the help of Australia through the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI).Mr Aunima says the search now include an Orion aircraft, a Twin Otter and helicopters from the RAMSI base in Honiara.He says they still remain confident of finding the missing people - including a 13-year-old girl - alive."The weather is improving," he said."But on Tues and Wed, the weather was very bad - the wind was up to 25 knots and there were very high swells."Source: Radio Australia News

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Falmouth Coast Guard and Royal Navy in Arabian sea rescue

rescue of 13 Indian crewmen from a disabled tanker in the North Arabian Gulf On the morning of the 29th June, Falmouth Coastguard received an emailed mayday from the master on board the Motor Tanker Pavit, reporting that they had suffered engine failure two days before and were taking on water through the shaft bearing.They also reported that, in the severe weather conditions, many of the crew were suffering from seasickness, with four of them considered to be seriously ill. Their stated position was 120 nautical miles from the Oman coast.Falmouth Coastguard initially sent out a broadcast to other vessels in the area, but with the severe weather on scene, none were able to go to the aid of the tanker. Falmouth Coastguard also attempted to hand over coordination to the Omani Coastguard but they were unable take on coordination of the incidentAfter liaison with the owners of the vessel, the crew on board and the Middle East Authorities, Falmouth Coastguard were able to arrange for a Royal Navy Warship HMS St Albans and an Indian products tanker (Jag Pushpa) to go to their aid, which arrived at 8.00 am yesterday morning.HMS St Albans arrived on scene yesterday morning and ...

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UK MAIB issues safety bulletin re overweight rescue boats

It recommends that boat hulls be inspected for possible holes and cracks sg-eylee 11.9999 Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) issued a safety bulletin regarding overweight rescue boats.During an investigation into the failure of a fall wire of a rescue boat with the loss of one life, it was discovered that the rescue boat was significantly over its design weight.Further analysis revealed that water had entered the integral polyurethane foam-filled compartments, where it was retained.The MAIB recommends that boat hulls be inspected for possible holes, cracks, or fittings through which water may penetrate and the drain plugs are regularly opened to allow for removal of excess water.To view the Safety Bulletin, click here.Source: UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch

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High-speed ship carrying 175 passengers was damaged by waves

All passengers were rescued A high-speed ship carrying 175 passengers was damaged by waves when it was off the central province of Binh Thuan Tuesday, but all the passengers were rescued, according to local border guards.The incident happened when the Hoang Phuc No.01 was carrying the passengers and ten tons of goods from the Phu Quy Island to Phan Thiet Resort Town, said the Binh Thuans Border Guards Headquarters.It was about ten sea miles from the island when waves broke the left side of the ships prow, they said, adding that the broken part covered about two square meters. The front windows were also broken, allowing water to flow into the passenger hold.The passengers were panicked and asked for help, but they were soon rescued by local border guards, while the damaged ship was towed to the safety, according to officials.Initial information showed that the ship was bought by Hoang Phuc Co. Ltd, headquartered on Phu Quy Island, from the southern province of Kien Giang for operating on the route Phu Quy Phan Thiet on Tet (Vietnams Lunar New Year that fell in February).However, due to some technical problems, it wasnt put into operation until that day. Before the accident ...

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27 confirmed killed in ship sinking off the Borneo coast

93 people have been rescued safely - search and rescue continue Rescuers have found 27 bodies and temporarily stopped searching for scores missing after a wooden ship sank in waters off South Kalimantan province on Monday, rescuer said on Tuesday.The accident took place more than two hours after the ship with more than 100 people on board departed from Tanjung Dewa of the province at midday, Head of Search and Rescue Office of the province Rusli Ansyah told Xinhua over phone from the province.The ship was heading to Sorongga, he said."We have found 27 bodies until today (Tuesday)," said Ansyah.As many as 93 people have been rescued safely, he said.He said that seach and rescue will resume on Wednesday at 08:00 a.m. local time after the rescuers, comprising of those from local search and rescue staff, police, navy and volunteers, temporarily stopped looking for the victims at 17:00 p.m.local time on Tuesday."We will search again tomorrow morning, the number of the missing is still unknown, but we believe that there will be still scores of those go missing as the number of passengers exceeds that at the manifest," he said.According to Ansyah, there is no official data about the manifest ...

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Search for missing crew in fatal ferry sinking off the Borneo coast

74 people have been rescued safely Rescue workers are looking for more than a dozen people still missing after an overcrowded ferry sank off the Borneo coast. Indonesian officials said at least 18 people had drowned in the incident off South Kalimantan.Officials told reporters that the wooden ship was over-crowded, carrying four crew and more than 100 passengers. Shipping is a main form of transport across the archipelago and accidents are not uncommon.The boat had departed from Tanjung Dewa and was heading towards Serongga, officials said."So far we have found 18 bodies. As many as 74 people have been rescued safely," said the head of Search and Rescue Office of the province, Rusli Ansyah.The cause of the accident is unknown. Offcials said there was strong waves and wind when the boat sank late on Monday.Indonesia comprises of more than 17,000 islands.Overcrowding, high seas and poor safety standards have caused many fatal accidents.Source: BBC

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Neptun to build a new research ship for 124.4 million

The order is a technological breakthrough for Neptun In more good news for the German shipbuilding industry, Neptun Werft in Rostock-Warnemuende has beaten off stiff international competition to win a Government order worth 124.4 million for a new research ship.Tom Todd writes: The Baltic coast yard, a subsidiary of cruise ship builder Meyer Werft in Papenburg, will build a same-name replacement for the research ship Sonne, one of the biggest and most efficient ships in the German research fleet. Built in 1969 for fisheries work and converted for research in 1977, the 97.6m veteran is due to leave service in 2015.The newbuilding will reportedly be completed in 2013 with the Indian and Pacific oceans her main areas of service and with Wilhelmshaven as her home port. Berlin will pay 90% of the building cost and the German coastal states the remaining 10%.The order is a technological breakthrough for Neptun, once Germany's greatest shipyard. It has specialised in inland cruise ships of late, and in May booked its 16th such newbuilding and secured options for two more.The research ship order has actually gone to a new deep-sea research firm called the Tiefseeforschungsgesellschaft, which is made up of Meyer Werft and the ...

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