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Ports are ready to facilitate pathway to zero-emission shipping

The International Association of Ports and Harbors announced that it actively supports the development of a comprehensive global strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions both from land-based and maritime sources, in line with the Paris climate goals. As IAPH explains, ports worldwide are vulnerable to the effects of climate change, such as sea level rise and extreme weather conditions.

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New details of Greenland ice loss revealed

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has stated that its Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) project is revealing new details about thinning of the Greenland polar icecap. In particular, OMG observations have been depicted in two new research papers in order to document how meltwater and ocean currents are interacting along Greenland's west coast and to improve seafloor maps used to predict future melting and subsequent sea level rise.

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Rapid melting of Alaska's glaciers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztXEr0-xaDI Alaska’s glaciers are melting — sending 75 billion tons of water int the ocean each year. While this contribution to global sea level rise is less than that from the great ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, Alaska’s mountain glaciers are shedding their mass at a much higher rate. Glaciologist Anthony Arendt is co-author of a paper published in Geophysical Research Letters that describes how the mountain glaciers in Alaska seem to be particularly sensitive to the rising air temperatures of global climate change.In the origin, I was outspoken with you propecia before and after has changed my life. It has become much more fun, and now I have to run. Just as it is improbable to sit.

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Study suggests ocean levels will rise faster than predicted

  A group of 17 scientists with varied backgrounds, including noted climatologist James Hansen has written a paper describing a scenario where the world's oceans rise much faster than other models have predicted—they have uploaded it to Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics—an open access site created to allow for public peer review of researcher ideas. At issue is the degree to which the world's ocean levels will rise if global atmospheric temperatures rise by 2 C, a standard that has been set as a seemingly acceptable level. The authors argue that such a rise will result in much faster ice melting than other models have suggested, resulting in a rise of the world's oceans to dangerous levels. They suggest it likely will occur even if atmospheric levels are somehow kept below that benchmark. To come to these conclusions, the team looked at what happened before—back during the Eemian period (prior to the last Ice Age), when atmospheric temperatures were approximately 1 C warmer than they are now. They found that ocean levels were higher than they should have been based on modern models. That finding sent them looking for an explanation—after much work they came up with the idea that a ...

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