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Warming seas, sea-level rise affect UK coasts and seas

The Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) published the 'Report Card 2020'. In this report, it summarises the latest evidence from 26 topics regarding the physical, ecological, and social and economic impacts of climate change on UK coasts and seas. New topics for this year include oxygen, cultural heritage, and transport and infrastructure. According to the report, there is clear evidence that warming seas, reduced oxygen, ocean acidification and sea-level rise are already affecting UK coasts and seas. As a matter of fact, these changes are affecting food webs, with effects seen in seabed-dwelling species, as well as plankton, fish, birds and mammals. What is more, the upper range for the latest UK sea-level rise projections is higher than previous estimates, implying increased coastal-flood risk. The possibility of compound effects from tidal flooding and extreme rainfall is increasing, which can greatly exacerbate flood impacts. In addition, oxygen concentrations in UK seas are expected to fall more than the global average, especially in the North Sea, whike fisheries productivity in some UK waters has been negatively impacted by ocean warming and historical overexploitation. Impacts of climate change have already been observed at a range of heritage sites. Coastal assets will be ...

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Better observational technique needed to understand the Arctic

A white paper published by the EU-PolarNet touches upon some of the most pressing issues that the Polar Regions face nowadays. There regions are the fastest warming areas on Earth and their natural physical processes impact climate conditions and affect lives and livelihoods across the world. If these processes are changed due to global warming, they could lead to changes across the planet with unknown impacts.

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Sea level rise threatens Mediterranean UNESCO heritage sites

A study, published in Nature Communications, reports that of 49 World Heritage Sites located on low-lying Mediterranean coasts and 37 of them face the risk of damage from floods and 42 of them face the risk from coastal erosion due to the constant sea-level rise. Flood risk may rise by 50% and erosion by 13% across the Mediterranean, with risks at some individual sites considerably higher.

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US to grant Puerto Rico $28.9 million to prevent risk from natural disasters

The US National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, NOAA and partners announced $28.9 million in new grants for the restoration or expansion of natural features, such as coastal marshes and wetlands, oyster and coral reefs, coastal rivers and barrier islands, that help minimize the impacts of storms and other extreme events on nearby communities and infrastructure in 22 states and Puerto Rico.

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