Should the Indian Ocean HRA be sustained?

During the 2020 SAFETY4SEA London Forum, Philip Diacon, Owner/ Director, Dryad Global, discussed key maritime security issues and illustrated the changing environment in the Indian Ocean 2011-2019.

How RightShip supports good benchmarking

During the 2020 SAFETY4SEA London Forum, Martin Crawford-Brunt, Chief Executive Officer, Rightship, focused on the mega trend of decarbonization and analyzed the importance of having an efficient fleet towards the ambitious target of reducing emissions significantly.

Wallem’s Frank Coles: Reality never changed as fast as it is happening today

During the 2020 SAFETY4SEA Limassol Forum, in a keynote address to delegates, Frank Coles, Group Chief Executive, Wallem, provided an overview of the current realities shipping has to encounter, highlighting that the industry is neither special, nor immune from the 4th industrial revolution. The longer it resists, the greater the pain is going to be and if it wants to be special, it needs to reinvent itself and “forget the dinosaurs and their havens of denial”.

Why the ISM Code is failing

During the 2020 SAFETY4SEA London Forum, Capt. Mark Bull, Principal, Trafalgar Navigation Limited, questioned if the ISM Code is failing, after more than 20 years since its implementation. Capt. Bull firstly provided a brief history of the ISM Code, as well as a description of the five main areas where he felt the Code has failed and went on to explain how such potential failures affect the crew. Since it was introduced; however, nobody has reviewed the Code to ensure its ongoing effectiveness, he concluded.

Career Paths: Capt. Hari Subramaniam, Shipowners Club

In our special column this time, we are pleased to host an interview with Capt. Hari Subramaniam, Regional Head – Business Relations, Shipowners Club, who explains us that he was somehow destined for a career in the shipping industry and the best decision he ever made was to sail on different types of vessels.

SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness Survey: How happy are seafarers onboard?

Life onboard has its own unique characteristics but is a demanding task for those who opt for it. As soon as the industry realized that crew wellness affects safety and efficiency of operations, maritime stakeholders have shed their focus on finding ways to address the issue. In this context, SAFETY4SEA conducted a survey aiming to assess the five key aspects of wellness for people working onboard: Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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