Measuring real safety performance

During the last SAFETY4SEA Singapore Forum, Allan Raymund Olano, General Manager and Consultant at GREEN-JAKOBSEN, talks about safety performance in the shipping industry. He explains how safety performance is currently measured, highlighting that crew involvement is very important to enhancing safety.

Preventing container fires onboard: Best practices

During the last SAFETY4SEA Singapore Forum, Ashok Srinivasan, Manager in Maritime Technology/ Regulation Department, BIMCO, gave an insight on container ship fires. Such incidents have been on the spotlight recently, and Mr. Srinivasan explored the possible causes, as well as solutions to tackle the problem.

SAFETY Watch: How can shipping industry enhance safety culture?

Our special column asked from the winners of the first SAFETY4SEA – EUROPORT Awards, which were announced in early November on the sidelines of EUROPORT, to assess the safety status of the shipping industry and suggest ways to move forward and change the path toward a safer working environment onboard and ashore. 

The winners of the first SAFETY4SEA – EUROPORT Awards announced

SAFETY4SEA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 SAFETY4SEA – EUROPORT Awards on workplace safety, training, technology, ship operator and initiative that have showcased excellence and innovation within the maritime industry towards a safer and more secure shipping. The awards were presented at a prestigious ceremony which successfully concluded on November the 7th, on the sidelines of EUROPORT, the leading international exhibition that took place in Rotterdam, November 5-8, 2019.

Safety Management 2.0: A Sea Change in Approach

During the 2019 SAFETY4SEA Athens Conference, Mr. John Southam, Loss Prevention Executive at North Club, focused on a new safety approach called Safety Management 2.0. This highlights a current problem in shipping where company’s management systems are mainly based on complex procedures alone often forgetting the human element.

Safe enclosed space entry: More regulations or just less complacency?

The shipping industry does not need more regulation, but a more thorough understanding of the current regulations and a more efficient safety culture to implement the existing regulatory framework, especially when it comes to enclosed space entry, was a key message by shipping experts in the latest SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum.

Safe Mooring: Key challenges

Speaking at SAFETY4SEA Forum in Athens, David Nichol, Senior Loss Prevention Executive, UK P&I Club focused on safe mooring, providing a brief overview of the challenges facing seafarers as well as common failures arising from mooring accident investigations.

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