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Three die from enclosed space entry in two RMI-flagged ships

The Republic of the Marshall Islands issued an alert informing of two confined space entry incidents on an RMI-flagged tanker and an RMI-flagged bulk carrier, which occurred within approximately 24 hours of each other, resulting in deaths of three seafarers and two seafarers losing consciousness.

Transportation sector third in cyber vulnerability

2017 was a record year for cyber attacks and the average total cost per breach for the average company has reached $3.79 million, while the transportation sector now ranks third in security vulnerability, according to a recent whitepaper released by insurance firm Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

UK launches Maritime Safety Week

The UK Maritime Minister, Nusrat Ghani MP,  has launched the inaugural Maritime Safety Week, running from 9 to 13 July, as part of the government’s efforts to share knowledge of safety practices and to highlight the work which is already being done across the diverse shipping industry to strive for safety excellence. 

Loose clicks sink ships

Be Cyber Aware at Sea campaign issued a short film, supported by HFW, illustrating how a simple click on the computer could lead to the ultimate disaster of sinking and urging operators to be wary of pop-ups, emails and websites asking for sensitive information.

Steamship Mutual offers training course on health and nutrition

Steamship Mutual offers a new training course which is perfectly aligned with one of the key messages contained in the Club’s “Fit for Life” DVD, which has been nominated for the 2017 SAFETY4SEA Initiative Award. The course will focus on the importance of a balanced diet and nutritious food along with galley hygiene.

New poster focuses on seafarers' eye protection

As eye injuries are among those most commonly occurring to seafarers, the American Club issued its latest loss prevention poster, highlighting essential eye safety measures. The club notes that although most minor cases can be treated onboard ship, more serious incidents can have devastating consequences.

How to survive in cold water

Maritime New Zealand informs about techniques that everyone could do, in order to improve chances of survival in cold water. Wearing warm clothes and lifejackets, avoiding alcohol and keeping a conscious, not-panicked mind are some of the advice included.

New poster for cyber security launched

BIMCO, International Chamber of Shipping and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore launched a new cyber security awareness poster at Singapore Maritime Week 2017. The aim of the poster is to provide basic information to shipboard personnel on their role and contribution to managing maritime cyber risks.

Britannia Club advises how to avoid collision

In its monthly “Risk Watch” report ,the Britannia P&I Club issued one out of a series of posters aiming to collision avoidance. The poster deals with look-out and the use of AIS and concerns the Rule 5 of the International Collision Regulations (COLREGs), which requires ships to use all available means to make a full appraisal of each time situation.

Malaria prevention for seafarers

Under its “Seafarers’ Health Information Programme”, International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network issued a report on malaria prevention, as the disease causes at least 1 million deaths every year, the majority of which occur in resource-poor countries, such as Africa, south and central America, Asia and the middle east.


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