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The most common personal injuries onboard: Risks and best practice

The operations onboard a vessel are challenging and if not conducted cautiously, they may lead to injuries or even fatalities. Seafarers have to be careful when carrying out their operations and always wear the safety equipment needed. Yet, can you prevent an injury onboard and, if yes, how?

ICS presents 5th edition of ISM Guidelines

A new edition of “Guidelines on the Application of the IMO International Safety Management (ISM) Code”, is soon to be launched from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). This is an updated edition of their previous guideline, which was published back in 1993.

Simulation training on fire fighting: Why industry should move forward

Although fire fighting training provides basic (basic fire fighting, STCW VI I/1) and advanced (advanced fire fighting STCW VI/3) knowledge to crew members onboard, when such emergency occurs in real life, this knowledge may be proved insufficient. There are many reasons for that; mostly related to the way that the training is being conducted.

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