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Port of Eden affected by Australia’s bush fires

Operations at the Australian small seaport of Eden have been impacted by the major bush fires raging across the South Coast region of New South Wales. In fact, the Port of Eden is the southernmost deep-water harbor in NSW and is situated equidistant between Sydney and Melbourne. The port hosts three wharves including a privately owned woodchip terminal; multi-user Navy wharfs; as well as the breakwater wharf.

Port Botany shuts down due to fires and smokes

Fires have been affecting Sydney, filling the city with smoke recently, the Port Botany is now expected to close again on December 10 for a second time within a week, as temperatures are expected to reach up to 40°C. On Thursday, December 5, 50 uncontrolled fires merged north of Sydney into a ‘mega fire’ on a 60 km front; the state department of health warned conditions were so hazardous that people had stay inside, leading to schools and university campuses to shut down.

Port of Pemba to deal with potential attack

Located in the far north of country, the Port of Pemba has recently assured stakeholders that it has undertaken all the necessary security measures in order to protect its facilities as has been granted the International Ships and Ports Security (ISPS) Code by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Hurricane Dorian: Condition ‘Yankee’ for Port of Jacksonville, Fernandina

Effective 8 a.m. Monday, the US Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) set port condition Yankee for the Port of Jacksonville and Fernandina and all other terminals and facilities due to the expectation of sustained gale force winds of generated by Hurricane Dorian that is expected to land in the area by Wednesday.

Irish dock workers urge for better protection at Ireland’s ports

The ITF has joined Irish dock workers union SIPTU, during its urgent call for better protection for all workers in Ireland’s ports, after a 50-year-old truck driver lost his life in North Docks at Dublin Port on August 14. The death of the worker marks the seventh death of a worker in an Irish port in the last two years.

Port of Cape Town to introduce helicopters for pilot transfers

South Africa’s Transnet National Ports Authority announced that it decided, after a successful trial in October, to introduce a service to transfer pilots to and from vessels through helicopter. The helicopter service is expected to be introduced in Cape Town in 2021.

Port of Vancouver to formalize navigation channels for larger ships

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority announced that it has made amendments to the procedures described in its Port Information Guide. This aims to promote safety best practices within the Port of Vancouver. As the Port explained, these changes include replacing the current Vancouver and Approaches Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) with the English Bay Routing System (EBRS).

BPA: 2019 will not focus only on Brexit

The British Ports Association is looking at barriers and benefits UK ports are facing beyond Brexit concerning 2019. BPA’s promoting port sectors, increasing  public transport investment, planning improvements and issues about people and safety will be some of the priorities set for all ports across the UK.

Port of Rotterdam: Five new safe berths for barges are ‘good to go’

The Port of Rotterdam announced that the five new fixed berths for barges along the Maas end of Isle of Brienenoord are ‘good to go’. While the site had already served as an anchorage for barges for several years, the construction of new berths has significantly improved safety along this stretch of the river.

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