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Lessons learned for fishing industry after vessel capsizing

On the occasion of the investigation release of the capsizing of the fishing vessel Anna-Marie II, UK MAIB issued a safety flyer to the fishing industry about staying alert to the risk of capsize and inverting, particularly in steep waves, and the importance of wearing a personal flotation device.

USCG: Addressing electrical installations knowledge gap

USCG issued a Safety Alert is to emphasize the importance of properly installed and maintained listed or certified safe electrical equipment in hazardous areas in order to reduce the risk of fire or explosion onboard vessels.

RMI: Key similarities of enclosed space entry incidents

In 2019, two seafarers died and two were seriously injured in an enclosed space entry incident on an RMI-registered bulk carrier. With this respect, the RMI reiterated once again the need to maintain vigilance with regards to enclosed space entry and rescue training. 

COVID-19: How to avoid risks when visitors come onboard

In their third video of their series “Protection on Board”, Steamship Mutual focuses on the risks arising when a vessel calls a port, and also addresses the measures taken to mitigate the risk of seafarers contacting the virus.

A risk assessment on ballast water pollution: Threats and controls

A recently-published booklet by the UK P&I Club seeks to guide to the controls and key points that the Club’s Risk Assessors look for when inspecting a vessel. The checklist aims to help operators carry out a similar check on the Threats and Controls and make sure the vessel has a good risk profile.

New handbook to help crews face COVID-19

The Swedish P&I Club issued its COVID-19 handbook, providing practical advice to help both those at sea and those onshore to face the day-to-day challenges posed by the pandemic.

New Zealand extends cruise ships ban

New Zealand announced extension of a ban on cruise ships arriving in the country and tightened quarantine rules, after a small increase of COVID-19 cases were attributed to overseas travel.

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