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Tokyo MoU: Be aware of cargo-related safety risks

Tokyo MoU raised awareness of the potential risk of casualties caused by cargoes, relating to containers and solid bulk cargoes. Through a new Safety Bulletin, Tokyo MoU highlights there are many accidents caused by the mis-declaration of dangerous goods in containers and inaccurate container weigh information. 

USCG publishes Regulated Facility Compliance Program manual

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) published the “Coast Guard Regulated Facility Compliance Program Manual” to consolidate overarching guidance, policy, and doctrine for Coast Guard personnel responsible for the administration and performance of the regulated facility compliance program. 

First US regulation to regulate steamboats takes effect

In 1838, the 25th Congress signed the Congressional Act of 1838 (5 Stat. L., 304) which constituted the Coast Guard’s Marine Inspection Program and came into effect in October 1st of that year. This was the first regulation authorized by the national government in order to provide with better security for the lives of passengers on the ships in whole or in part by steam.

ISM Compliance Assessment Tool

USCG issued in August 2005, the NVIC 04-05, containing guidance to ensure foreign vessel compliance with the requirements of ISM Code as well as a complete assessment tool to assist PSCOs when elevating a PSC Exam to an expanded examination of the Safety Management System

Best practices on top deficiency areas

A PSC inspection resulting to useful case studies and/ or lessons learned for ship operators, aims to pave the way for improvement. The global PSC system includes many different regions (9 MoUs and USCG), facilitating PSCOs to shed their focus on different levels of PSC and sub-standard items all over the world.

St. Vincent and The Grenadines: Actions to be taken ahead PSC inspections

The St. Vincent And The Grenadines Maritime Administration issued a circular to provide managing companies and ships’ officers guidance on how to keep their ships ready for PSC inspections and avoid an eventual detention. The analysis of the evolution of detentions of ships flying St Vincent and The Grenadines Flag inside the Paris MoU Region has shown an improving situation from 2005.

Tips to ensure a positive PSC inspection under Liberian law

Liberia Maritime Authority issued a document to assist Masters on their responsibilities under Liberian Law and provide guidance to ensure a positive PSC inspection. Under Liberian Regulation 2.35, it is the responsibility of owners and masters to ensure compliance with all applicable international conventions.

Panama Canal Authority announces ‘Safe Boarding Week’ for 2018

As it considers proper boarding facilities an absolute necessity to ensure safety of personnel, the Panama Canal Authority announced it will hold its annual “Safe Boarding Week” from on 2-6 July 2018, in order to promote awareness and compliance with boarding requirements by vessels in Panama Canal waters.

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