safety measures

Port of Cotonou issues new armed guard requirements

Following increased piracy incidents in Africa, the port of Cotonou announced new arrival procedures and measures to protect the shipping industry, providing ten measures against acts of piracy so that the crewmembers onboard and the vessel are fully protected.

Pirates fire upon containership off Nigeria

Another piracy incident was reported in Nigeria, as a group of armed men fired upon a containership, located about 19 nautical miles South West of Bayelsa on January 21, Tuesday. Following, the crew has been reported to be safe and unharmed. 

BIMCO advises on GoG tensions and new US clauses

BIMCO provides guidance to the shipping stakeholders concerning the escalated tensions in the Gulf of Guinea, followed by the killing of General Qassem Soleimani by a US drone in early January 2020, and retaliation by Iran.

Swire Pacific Offshore crew released

Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) reported that all seven abducted crew members have been released, and have met with the company’s senior representatives, taken for health checks. After 31 days of being captive, the crew were taken for medical checks and other necessary arrangements were organised and all have now returned to their home countries and their families.

Pirates free all nine MV Bonita crew

JJ Ugland released a statement informing that the nine crewmembers that were kidnapped in November were released in Nigeria and brought to a safe place in Southern Nigeria, waiting for the preparations so that they can return home.

Port of Pemba to deal with potential attack

Located in the far north of country, the Port of Pemba has recently assured stakeholders that it has undertaken all the necessary security measures in order to protect its facilities as has been granted the International Ships and Ports Security (ISPS) Code by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).